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Monday, 03/19/2012, 08:26 am

Photo Gallery | Jason "Mayhem" Miller Trains For UFC 146 Bout

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is set to face CB Dollaway at UFC 146.

After a successful international run, Jason “Mayhem” Miller graced television audiences with his loud and boisterous personality on “The Bully Beatdown” reality show on MTV. Now a household name he re-entered the UFC after a lengthy absence that saw him compete across the globe for the liked of DREAM and Strikeforce.

Upon his return he would be selected as “The Ultimate Fighter” coach opposite Michael Bisping but he fell short in his finale bout with his coaching counterpart and put his job on the line in the process. He now gets a second chance to prove he belongs.

Dollaway on the other hand will return after nearly a nine-month absence. The “Ultimate Fighter 7” runner up entered the UFC winning five of six fights but has since fallen short to the likes of Jared Hamman and Mark Munoz.

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26 Responses to “Photo Gallery | Jason "Mayhem" Miller Trains For UFC 146 Bout”

  1. BJ Pencil says:

    he better win this one or else he’s done… they should’ve had him fight Cung Le in my opinion…

    • lol Cung Le? after Millers last fight against Bisping? His stand up was absolutely horrid, Cung Le would murder him

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Miller should have been released after that discraceful showing against Bisping. Miller is NOWHERE near being UFC caliber. How can aguy who has no body fatt have worse cardio than Ben Rothwell

      • Get Slapped says:

        lol non fighter talking smack. Mayhem got round 1 for Bisping. try watching a Mayhem fight like the one with Shields,he doesn’t tired there . You try fighting, you’d gas out half way through the first. I’d keep my hands down and knock you out boy.

  2. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:


  3. Mo says:

    This isn’t Bully Beatdown, get your cardio up….he’s on his way out of the UFC.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Its a miracle Miller was even given another fight in UFC. He had like a year to train his cardio fro that fight and yet he showed up and embarreesed not only himself but the UFC brass. Noon e was more disgusted than dana white. Even though Dana FOR SURE wanted Bisping to win he at least thought it would be a fight. Miller is a discrace to all TRUE martial artists. Just think of the thousands of fighters (BETTER THAN MILLER) that would have given their left nut for same opportunity and shown up and fought like warriors. No not that friggen clown mayhem miller he chose not to train and bascially showed the world he KNEW he was supose to lose to bisping.

  4. Mat says:

    I think Americans underrate Bisping, and that made Miller look terrible in his loss to Bisping. By no means is Miller a world beater, but Bisping is a top 5 MW easily, and I would not be surprised at all to see Miller do reasonably well in the UFC.

    • jonesy says:

      i hate bisbitch and until the sonnen fight i really did not ev en think bisbing was top 10,,,i always said he does not even belong in ufc…but i was wrong bising is easily top 5 ..there is just such a gap between number 1 and the rest

    • zetoe666 says:

      Jason Miller is a Top 10 Middleweight, no doubt about it.
      if you think Mayhem is a joke because of bully beatdown, you have obviously never seen him fight, besides against Bisping, who is the #2 middleweight in the world.
      Mayhem will submit dolloway in the first or second, then begin to run thru the division.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Yeah right under estimate Bisping. Who has Bisping beat??? he got his ass kicked by Matt hamiil, Hendo KO’d him, Vanderllei beat him. UFC won’t let Belfort DESTROY him, Palharis would snap his leg off, Franklin would crush him, Munoz would crush him, Weidman would beat him easily, Belcher would KO him, No the fact is Bisping is ovrrrated and protected by UFC-Dana. Sonnen wa s aperfect fight for Bisping by UFC cause they knew Sonnen couldn’t HENDO-HBOMB him and. what did Bisping actaully do in sonnen fight besides hold him against cage. bisping had no takedowns, no gaurd passes, mayber little pitter patter, but Sonnen wwon the fight an dyou all know what i think of Sonnen (GARBAGE) You could tell Sonnen wasn’t all JUICED up like eh normally is and he looked weak from weight cut. alot of people forget that Sonnen has mostly fought at LHW and he cuts at least 30 pounds for each fight.

  5. Timothy Hosbach says:


  6. Rondo says:

    I’m surprised Dollaways still in the UFC. If Mayhem can’t beat this can I’ve given him to much credit!

  7. jonesy says:

    this is great 2 guys who dont even belong in the ufc,,,,what a joke,,miller is going get leg fuct right out of the ufc

  8. wishbone says:

    I like bully beatdown……but mayham cant box…..neither can CJ…..gonna be a wrestling match

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Mayhem’s striking has always sucked! But, I like the guy. I think he will win this one because he was so epically embarrassed in his last outing. You have to give him an Cung a break on their last fights. Both of them had a year or more of ring rust. I think Mayhem’s last fight before Bisping was against Jake Sheilds… Which he nearly won.

    Mayhem has had worse fights though… Mayhem vs Sonnen is a pretty awful/boring fight.

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