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Monday, 10/29/2012, 02:41 pm

PHOTO GALLERY | Fighter Halloween Costumes 2012 | MMA NEWS

Ryan Bader:

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva:

Felice Herrig:

Rampage Jackson:

Rashad Evans:

Joe Lauzon:

Alistair Overeem:

Seth Petruzelli:


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18 Responses to “PHOTO GALLERY | Fighter Halloween Costumes 2012 | MMA NEWS”

  1. JoeBen says:

    I would tap Cammy!!

  2. dsadds says:

    Overeems is the best.

  3. ilove fighting says:

    silva didnt need much work to look like a monster with the head hes got

  4. "H" BOMB says:

    DAMN HERRIG! I’d ruin that ass!

  5. Eric says:

    My god. If Overeem wanted to be an evil doer, he would rule the world in that costume. Easily.

  6. ABEYTA says:

    I scared of overeem’s BAD.

  7. Josiah says:

    Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is a natural…


    Ryan Bader as Christine Cyborg Santos. “I train-a berry a-hard for-a fighting.”

  9. Sugar Ponybear says:

    It’s funny Ryan Bader dressed like Cyborg and actually looks like her. Felice Herrig dressed as a woman and still looks like a man.

  10. punchkick says:

    +1 on silva hahaha

  11. John M says:

    Silva and Reem take the cake lol. Joe Lauzon is also the man! What the fuck is Rashad??

  12. Golgo13 says:

    Sure ryan bader was on The Hun the other day.

  13. Brend0magic says:

    Black Batman is good, but I like Rashad’s the best.

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