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Wednesday, 10/16/2013, 08:11 pm

PHOTO | Full Team Penn Coaching Staff Revealed For TUF 19

While we are still in the midst of the 18th season of the UFC’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality series, the 19th installment is underway with BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar set as coaching opposites.

Today, on the TUF set, BJ Penn sent out this image of his selected coaching staff for his second sting as TUF coach.

In the image you see what is likely the best assembly of coaches in the franchises history.

From left to right you have: André Pederneiras, Jason Parillo, Mark Coleman, BJ Penn and John Hackleman.




17 Responses to “PHOTO | Full Team Penn Coaching Staff Revealed For TUF 19”

  1. Jon F says:

    That’s quite a staff! Good to see BJ and Dede back together again after all these years.

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Man talk about an allstar coaching staff. Throw Bas in there and you’ve really got an insane team… Whoever’s on team Penn is really in for a treat!!

  3. zetoe says:

    bj with parillo is bad news for frankie the situation edgar

  4. pee pee says:

    Wow bj is not fucking around

  5. Magoo says:

    Damn BJs loyal to Parillo….lol, great coaching staff. love both fighters may the best man win .

  6. doc says:

    out standing. Great to see him taking this so seriously; not for him either. For the guys who are fighting to get where he is. Good stuff man. Giving these contestants the best opportunity here. Awesome. Looking forward to this season very much.

  7. 36thdisciple says:

    No Tony DeSouza or Charuto?

  8. Big Daddy says:

    I love both fighters, but just cant see Baby J making the come-back that we would all kill to see. Frankie is still young and hungry. BJ had trouble getting motivated when he was buck and a half champ and kicking all kinds of arse!

    I really hope that being around the young guys on TUF is enough to make him hungry again!

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