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Wednesday, 08/22/2012, 10:13 am

PHOTO | First Jon Jones Nike T-Shirt Released, "Bones Knows" | UFC NEWS

#Nike only made 80 signature T-shirts for UFC 151, I absolutely cannot wait to bless my fans, talk about #exclusive” -Jon Jones via Twitter.


37 Responses to “PHOTO | First Jon Jones Nike T-Shirt Released, "Bones Knows" | UFC NEWS”

  1. ctyn says:

    I won’t be buying any of these shirts. Is that a famous quote by him or something?

  2. BJC says:


    First person I see wearing this shirt ill tell them how stupid they look

  3. BJC says:


    First person I see wearing one of these shirts.Ill be telling them how stupid they look

    • Sasquatch says:

      Oh yeah, I’ll be asking them where they bought it cause I want one. Make sure to cover up after you say it cause you’re probably going to get slapped upside your head.

  4. Cody says:

    Now he can bless peoplE by handing out t shirts lmao dude is such a pompous ass everything he says just says tool I know even his fans have to be getting tired of him talking

  5. Zack says:

    I wouldn’t wear that if it was free and came with a hundred dollar bill

  6. Bob says:

    Give a kid a ton of money that dont know how to deal with it and watch his downfall.

  7. Real_deal1047 says:

    Wow is that all they could come up with. I bet Ron jermey would bye that shirt not me and I’m a Jbj fan.

  8. Scotty says:

    Great for him that they made this slogan for him! First it was BO Knows then Manny Knows, now Jones! Probably only made 80 just in case he loses then they wont make any more.. haha

  9. Damnu says:

    How original….I bet jones came up with that all by himself! Biting off somebody a joke

  10. Our Lord and Savior Jon "Bones" Jones says:

    You there fan of mine, I bless you by granting you audience. I commend you being able to stand and survive my greatness, so I shall give you one of only 80 signature t-shirts. Know that you are blessed for being my fan.

  11. Your Lord and Savior says:

    You there, fan of mine; I greet you though you are a worthless slug unworthy of my glory. Since you were able to witness and survive my greatness, I shall Bless you with this t-shirt 1 of only 80. Be gone mortal and know you are blessed.-Jon “Bones” Jones Deity of typical stereo types.

  12. Jeff says:

    Bones Knows!
    How to drive his car full of hookers into a pole while drunk!

  13. Mike b says:

    I’d rather wear extreme couture……

  14. Chaz says:

    Wow, Nike drops all that $ on Jones and the best they can come up with is a recycled 20+ year old campaign? #FAIL

  15. MarsBlackmon says:

    Ha! What’s his second shirt say. “It’s got to be the shoes”?

  16. 123 says:

    bunch of idiots, why does every1 hate him in america? hes liked everywhere els.

  17. magoo says:

    Instead of Nikes “just do it” it should of read
    “just bone it”

  18. Real_deal1047 says:

    THere areJBJ fanS Then there are butt hert pride fans you get upset when JBJ Kicks pride fighter ass

  19. Yo papi says:

    Still don’t see why everyone hates on Jones, probably just because he kicked their favorite fighters ass or something. Whatever. I think the shirts are pretty dope, and Jones will beat Hendo.

  20. Mike b says:

    When rashad said that jones is a swagger jacker I just thought that maybe rashad was just talking out of his ass.i own about 100 UFC DVDs,so I watch all the behind the scenes footage,and rashad was on the money jones wears a suit for the pre and post fight conferences like rashad,he enters the octagon with rashads trademark crawling and when the ref says let’s get it on he’s kneeling like bo jackson,swagger jacker for sure.people love to hate this kid,me personally I don’t know what it is but he just rubs me the wrong way.and I’m hoping that hendo ko’s this kid then wipes his ass with that corny ass t-shirt….

  21. Sting says:

    Dominate all your fights, become the youngest champ in ufc history, continue to plow thru the competiton, sign a multi-million dollar deal with the worlds biggest sports, this kid’s a bum, now wonder you guys are hatin’ on him.

  22. Bjj BB says:

    Yall need to build a fucking bridge and get the fuck over him driving drunk, we all know some1 that did or you have done it yourself, or have made big mistakes in general, as long as no1 got hurt its easy to drop it and move on but it seems you ppl just hate cause he beat your fighter or fighters, hes a great fighter, i dont like jbj cause he trys to say the right things in interviews and puts his self as a role model, well the driving drunk part kinda throws that out the window but he’s a great fighter and at the end of the day thats why we fell in love with the ufc, would u rather him be a crapy ass fighter and a great role model? Lmmfao!! Yall are all childish and need to get some sence slapped back into you and realise why we watch mma!

  23. K-MAC says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HENDO knock the shit out of this overconfident douche

  24. Bjj BB says:

    ^^^^lmmfao!! Hendo is going to sleep!! Mark my words!!

  25. Sasquatch says:

    BONES BLOWS MAN!!!… I’m no longer a fan.

  26. Yo says:

    Alrite back to Reeboks

  27. matt says:

    to everyone saying that slogan is stupid or he came up with it himself you’re both wrong and stupid. nike makes shirts like these for all well known athletes such as jones. there are many others like these if you dont believe me just look them up.

  28. wayne says:

    if you dumb ass haters would look at the rest of the nike shirts today every football team has a shirt that says the same thing…hating on him cause youre jealous…probably couldnt fight your way out of a wet paper sack!!!

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