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Tuesday, 01/21/2014, 07:07 pm

PHOTO | Fedor Emelianenko Sporting Thong Beachside?

I don’t know about this one guys…

Several of our media friends are reporting that the image, seen above, of ‘The Last Emperor’, is showing the former PRIDE FC superstar wearing a thong on the beach.

Personally, it’s whatever. I mean, if Fedor wants to wear a thong anywhere, let alone a socially acceptable venue like the beach, I’m not gonna stop him. Would you?

FYI: Looks like an ordinary speedo to me. Sorry guys, no show here.


10 Responses to “PHOTO | Fedor Emelianenko Sporting Thong Beachside?”

  1. magoo says:

    Should get honda Housey all hot and bothered….lol

  2. Jenkins says:

    He’ll Fedora. Who is the beautiful lady he is with?

  3. Mike Schreiner says:

    Ronda just creamed herself.

  4. Henrik Vahlgren says:

    Thats how you rock it in russia, like a real man!

  5. Mike says:

    BJ should get Ariel Halwani on their team so they can all gossip & make up some MMA celebrity bullshit like the bunch of Bitches they are!

  6. bozz888 says:

    I hope thats his daughter… god she looks 15 and really bro nice shorts

  7. timdnml . says:

    So interesting. What kind of toilet paper does he use? Now THAT would be cutting edge MMA news on BJ Penn. com

  8. Kerry Norton says:

    WTF?? Headline says ‘thong’ article and photo show speedo. What kind of fuc… oh… Pedro….

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