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Monday, 07/23/2012, 09:27 am

PHOTO | Faber Shows Off Broken Rib Delivered By First Round Knee | UFC NEWS

From Faber’s Twitter:
Congrats 2 @RenanBaraoUFC. He’s a tough dude. Broke my rib in the 1st with a great knee. Thank u 4 all the support


32 Responses to “PHOTO | Faber Shows Off Broken Rib Delivered By First Round Knee | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    God damn it I thought Faber was gonna get this. Those Brazilian monkey hooligans now have 4 UFC belts.

  2. Gefco says:

    Yea those brazillian monkeys Americans gotta stop them or they are gonna dominat the UFC. Jon jones is safe,Ben Henderson is safe, dominick Cruz hopefully beats barro, dos Santos is on browsed time until overeem comes back,Aldo going to be there awhile,gsp hopefully has ring rust and condit beats him, the spider looks old and he will be beat before he retires then again he’s saying he doesn’t want to fight this guy and that guy he wants rockhold come on stop running silva.

    • Bill says:

      Are you serious? What is with the flagrant racism against Brazilians? Not to mention Overeem is Dutch, so even if he beats Dos Santos the belt wouldn’t belong to an American. Then you proceed to close with talking about Silva. This was a simple topic about Faber and the brutal knee Barao gave him. Why bring your ignorant thoughts into it? It has nothing to do with race or nationality. Faber couldn’t complete a takedown. Couldn’t hold Barao. Barao wins. Classic wrestler against striker with TDD. Even if Faber has become one of the better rounded wrestlers his striking is still just brawling. So tired of white trash Americans not knowing shit about fighting. Go back to WWE. I hear their books have pictures as well! You can stay caught up with the storylines.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Brazil is where it all started, what you rednecks expect?

    Nothing against Faber, he fought the best he could. Though it didn’t happen in the first round but the third I believe. I guess fighting with a broken rib from round 1 sounds tougher than from round 3.

    • Jagerface says:

      Oh no no no Brazil is where Brazilian jujitsu started, not mma, remember it is mixed martial arts, so lets see how bout Thailand and most Asian traditions created martial arts. Muy Thai bare knuckle fights were going on while Brazilians were still wearing leafed onesies and hunting with spears. Also wrestling comes from Greco-roman wrestling used by the Romans, in B.C. thats right before Christ before Brazil was even discovered, it was inhabited by indians, or Brazilians, but they were again still wearing leafs and hunting with spears. While Gladiators were fighting to the death. So all forms of MMA is not based on Brazilian Jujitsu. oh and check this out: Jujutsu (English pronunciation: /dʒuˈdʒʌtsu/; Japanese: 柔術, jūjutsu listen (help·info), Japanese pronunciation: [ˈdʑɯɯ.dʑɯ.tsɯ]) is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.[1][2] The word jujutsu is often spelled as jujitsu, ju-jitsu, jiu-jutsu or jiu-jits

      • Xaninho says:

        Since you kept your comment decent, I’ll answer you with the same decency.

        In Brazil there were mma events long before Japan and the rest of the world started. These events were called Vale tudo, Vale Tudo means Anything Goes. Early UFC’s were basically Vale Tudo fighting events.

    • Xaninho READ EVERY WORD PLEASE! says:

      I love your way of thinking. Brazil started EVERYTHING having to do with MMA. I guess that is why SOOOOOO many fights with top world contenders have always started there and are currently being held there. If anything MMA was “started” more in Japan. You know, where the REAL MARTIAL ARTS originated.. not BJJ. I seriously hate you. You irk me, and I just don’t like any of your comments because all they have to do with is nuthugging Brazil.

      I bet you are a terrible person all together and I would prolly slap the sh*t out of you before you even got two words out of your mouth because you just come off as arrogant just by the things you say on the internet. You have no respect or anything nice to say to anyone unless it is a positive comment about your boyfriend Silva of BRAZIIILLLLLLLLL!!!! Seriously man… this is a WORLDWIDE sport and you seriously HATE sooooo much on anything that doesn’t have to do with that sh*thole country. You suck. period.

      • MY BAD says:

        Sorry for the double post, but I thought the first one didn’t go through since it didn’t show up for like 5 min. But hey, at least you get to read 2 different versions…. Just choose the one you like you idiot.

        • Xaninho says:

          I’ll choose this one to wipe the floor with your stupid ass, ONCE AGAIN!

          The Vale Tudo fighting events in Brazil is where MMA sprouted from. Vale Tudo means Anything Goes. The first UFC’s were basically Vale Tudo events.

          Damn man! How can you keep digging your own grave like you just did again? You give me reason to bash your stupid ass time and time again.

          Now go on crawl back under your rock you pathetic dumb fuck.

      • Xaninho says:

        And slap me? If you really knew who I was you wouldn’t even think about that. I’m not someone you can just slap without repercussions…

      • Nuitari X says:

        I just thought I would add for anyone that didn’t know, Brazilian jiu-jitsu actually originated from Japanese jiu-jitsu. The Gracies trained with Japanese masters and came up with their own form of jiu-jitsu effectively called Brazilian jiu-jitsu. True story, do some research people.

    • Xaninho READ EVERY WORD PLEASE! says:

      First off. I think I would say that MMA if it were to have “started” anywhere is in Asia. You know, where MARTIAL ARTS originated. Also, where the fist BIG main MMA competitions were held. I seriously can’t believe that you are now claiming that Brazil (LOL) “started” MMA. You are a complete moron. And now for the Second Part..:

      I seriously hate your guts. You are a terrible person who needs to just go away. If we met I would prolly slap the s*** out of you before you even got two words out of your mouth because you are just plain ignorant. Borderline racist. If no one has anything nice to say about Silva or Brazil you jump all over them and act like you are the guardian of the country and Silva’s manager. Well guess what…. You’re not. You are just a sad lonely person who somehow turns every comment into something about Brazil or Silva or Sonnen… even when it has nothing to do with it. You have no respect for other peoples opinions and from your attitude no respect for the sport which welcomes all fighters no matter where they are from. There is a line that you have crossed where it is good to be proud of your country, into hating everything else that doesn’t or is in opposition with your country. That sir is what we call racial bias. I don’t like you, or anything you have to say. I hope one day I can meet you in person so I can give you a American / Korean roundhouse to your jaw. Have a wonderful day you pos.

      • Xaninho says:

        Did you not read the first comments? They were talking about brazilian monkeys.

        I’m not even Brazilian. I’m Dutch. I have nothing against Americans, some of my closest friends are Americans.

        All the shit you just said doesn’t make sense apart from the fact you don’t like me. Well that feeling is mutual.

        I think you are a biased dumbass trying to look smart all the time. Talking down on other people’s opinions and you get mad when one of those people hits back and makes you look like the stupid moron you really are.

        You don’t like me because I’m better than you. It’s as simple and embarrassing as that.

  4. They’re proving to be the best. I’m surprised at Barao’s quality of kicks, him and Aldo.
    I’ve always said the UFC got nothin on me (standup wise). Well, that’s finally changing, so i’m glad to see it. Good kicks are really the basics in karate type martial arts and they have been really poor up until now with the coming of Aldo and Barao.

    Kudo’s for going 4 rounds with a broken rib, that’s not easy. Hurts like hell to take a breath, let alone hurl bombs or absorb even more.

    No kudo’s for getting it broken in the first, that’s the task at hand. Learn how to kick.

    Grats to Barao!! I called it!


  5. XBUSHIDOx says:

    I love how you complain about blatant racism then call people rednecks or white trash Americans lol

  6. effyocouch says:

    Half of you are saying fuck these brazilian “monkeys” all this is doing is making me wanna train with them more and more. Chute Boxe and BTT dominated in the Pride days, and still Team Nogueria (even black house as a whole), Nova Uniao, etc. are still on top among the best. You say fuck those guys, I say maybe we could all learn a thing or two from them.

  7. Brian says:

    Thats actually a really good rib x-ray.. I’m a rad tech and most of the time we dont see shit on ribs. That must hurt like a SOB!

  8. Pijan says:

    Actually, earliest form of MMA is Pankration, a Roman event. And what does ethnicity matter? Anderson is a hell of a fighter and also great to watch, same as Aldo. JDS is an animal, who never disappoints. Don’t know too much about Barão but he looked good against Faber. I want to see the best fighters hold the belts, doesn’t matter if their American, Brazilian, Asian, or European.

    • Xaninho says:

      Thanks man! You are right. Pankration was the first ever no holds barred tournament. I knew about that, but forgot in the heat of the moment. That House guy ticks me off.

      Although I still think the modern day MMA derived from the more recent Vale Tudo events.

    • Rampage 2877 says:

      On a lighter note, I’m Australian. And you know what we’re famous in MMA for now… Being the proud owner the fastest KO in history, receiving end that is (equal too). Damn… I would love an Aussie to get even a title shot!

  9. Dagnag says:

    I could care less where they are from. I’m a fight fan, always have been, and always will be. The better man wins fights, no matter where they’re from.

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