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Tuesday, 01/07/2014, 05:52 am

PHOTO | Early contender for Broken Nose of 2014

A broken nose is unfortunately a common occurrence in combat sports, however, certain instances can prove far worse than others.

This was definitely the case when Andy Eichholz took on Wade Sauer at the “Full Nelson Productions: Let ‘Er Buck” event in Pendleton, Oregon.

“Ice Cold” Eichholz was on the receiving-end of what appears to have been a devastating knockout courtesy of his opponent Sauer, as you can see below: (Photo courtesy of

This photo brings back memories of when Rich Franklin lost his UFC middleweight championship to Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Hopefully “Ice Cold” will be able to straighten things out after this recent loss.


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  1. magoo says:

    Reminds me of the nose job Johny Jones gave to Brandon Vera.

  2. Bob says:

    I think his brain is more broken than his nose.

  3. Terri Lynn Sullivan says:

    “Combat sports” looks to be almost as oppressively inhumane as war. Only sickos believe in either, or at very least utterly ignorant about being used as punching bags and pawns for profit.

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