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Friday, 02/03/2012, 04:35 pm

PHOTO: Diaz And Condit Staredown At Today's UFC 143 Weigh-In Ceremony

At today’s UFC 143 weigh-in ceremony an often controversial Diaz kept it clean when faced off with Condit. This photo is proof!

Anyone surprised by the “Stocktonians” calmness during the ceremonial weigh-ins?
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21 Responses to “PHOTO: Diaz And Condit Staredown At Today's UFC 143 Weigh-In Ceremony”

  1. kevin says:

    best match up i’ve ever seen. can’t wait.

  2. whoknows says:

    staredown was a dissapointment

  3. the original steve says:

    in a completely unrelated topic. bj is still salty after the ass kicking nick diaz gave him

  4. jason says:

    is that the real jacob volkmann?? lol

  5. davve says:

    this the true champ fight,,,,i think diaz is much better fight but i think his eyes cutting is going stop him….i see this fight getting stopped from cuts like noons first fight,,,if the ref not stop it diaz will wear condit down hard,..but he cuts easy

  6. Johannes says:

    Har en känsla av att detta kan bli en ägning av Conduit. Om Nick är som brorsan Nate så påminner den här staredownen om Nate vs. Rory McDonald, då Nate blev rätt så ägd tyvärr. War Diaz !!

  7. Ruben says:

    Diaz looks too nice, somethings wrong….hes gonna get knocked out

  8. Joseph says:

    Nick Diaz- ” I’m here ready to represent Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu… or I’m ready to take my ass-whooping, It’s whatever”. Say whatever you want to about him being a thug, or unintelligent, or a bad-boy, it doesn’t matter. This isn’t a beauty contest or presidential race. The dude is a fucking warrior and true fighter. Don’t get me wrong I think Carlos is an amazing fighter and I actually really like his game… but, he’s in trouble tonight. He’s gonna get backed up for the majority of the fight and then his power won’t mean shit when he’s on the fence getting his body and face worked over. Diaz is a different kind of animal, and he’s going to push the pace, a pace unfamiliar and uncomfortable to Condit. I hope it’s a WAR and I think it will be, but I got Diaz all day. After that, “WHERE YOU AT GEORGES?”… you pussy point fighter, he’s coming for you next. And if you don’t like hearing that all you greasy fan boys, you can suck a dick because “i am not impressed with your performance”.

  9. East bay says:

    Carlos “conduit” will get punked and I’ll be there in Vegas to see it live

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