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Tuesday, 09/27/2011, 01:58 pm

PHOTO: Dan Henderson and "Shogun" Face Off At Today's Press Conference


16 Responses to “PHOTO: Dan Henderson and "Shogun" Face Off At Today's Press Conference”

  1. TheDEEN88 says:

    Henderson WWWWAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!

  2. bdizz says:

    Hendo is the man – Should be a really good fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Its always nice to see a fight where you know both fighters come to actually fight and not no GSP point fighting or Fitch lay n praying. yeah fighters like shogun and Hendersen are a dying breed of REALFIGHTERS who actually really want to fight. you guys can have your fighters who run away (Edgar) and use their weight advanatges (Fitch) to lay and pray. Some day in the not to long future most fights will be Greg jackson point fighting affairs where noone actaully engages or GSP jab fests or with all the thousands of wrestlers coming in every year we will see more FITCH lay n pray. Enjoy these fights like hendersen/Shogun while they last because every new UFC we see less and less fighters actually wanting to “FIGHT” and engage each other. i just hope before its all over that Dana at least puts all the Fitch’s on the Undercards where they belong. yes they will also need to change tehir name before long also IMO because its a discrace to have a company called “ultimate fighting championships” when you have a champion like GSP who refuses to fight anymore or one like Edgars who spends most of the fight running away and pitter pattering. Whats even worse isd now we have all thse refs standing up the BJJ fighters before tehy even have a chanced to set up submisons but then these same refs don’t ever stand up teh lay n prayers like Fitch who use a fake pitter patter every few minutes to make it look like they are fighting when in all actuality they are not improving position or going for a finsih or submissions and these “fitch fights” are decided by wrestlers who only are there to run out the clock. Rules need to be changed, judges need training, refs need to be consistant. We also need Champions that actually want to fight unlike GSP, Edgars. say what you want about BJ Penn at least he wass a fighting champion. jon Jones even admitted that he ran away like a bitch instaed of engaging with ramapage. UFC is starting to look like who wins are the best weight cutters, fighters that can run away the best (rashad in rampage fight) and the Rashad/Thiago silva fight, or point fighters who refuse to engage and then win rounds by getting takedown with 10 seconds left in the round (rashad and Edgars, GSP). No points are ever given to fighters who stuff countless takedowns. Rules have to change

      • Steve says:

        Get rid of the judges and make it so that when a fight that goes the distance it’s an automatic draw because there are no judges. The only way a fighter can win is by a finishing an opponent by KO or sub. If we had rules like these we would find out who the best really is by looking at their records from the date rules like this are initiated. (BJ suggested this and I agree with him mostly except he said to get rid of the belts but I understand his point there).

        BTW even though Jon Jones did run he still submitted one of the best LHW’s ever! Rampage said that he hesitated too much and as the challenger you’ve got to go after the belt, you can’t hesitate. Oh well, Rampage already had the belt now he can focus on avenging the losses to Shogun, Forrrest and Rashad he also owes Machida a rematch. I just want to see Rampage cement his legacy, he doesn’t need the belt to prove he’s a legend he just needs to win meaningful fights before he hangs em up. I’d like to see him stomp queen mo and throw down with Thiago Silva but there is only so much time left before Rampage goes Hollywood permanently.

  3. Mario says:

    War shogun!! Kill that punch face fag…

  4. DanaBrown says:

    Ahhhh let’s do this Hendo!!!!!

  5. pk9grrr says:

    2 legends but warr shogunn!you get yours boii

  6. reise says:

    war shogun, love them both but im pulling for shogun on this one.

  7. mick says:

    love hendo but for shoguns sake i really hope he doesnt lose to a guy in his 40s, dont get me wrong hendo is a true badass and obviously world class fighter but shogun should be in his physical prime at 30 (he might still be 29 not sure), and a loss to a guy whos been fighting for 15 yrs would suck for him. with that said, 2 maniacs who throw down like its their last day on earth, cant wait for this

  8. mmaislandjunkie says:

    whats with the editing on shoguns hand?

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