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Monday, 10/24/2011, 08:53 pm

PHOTO: Chuck Liddell Fighting For ProElite?

– Image from Chuck Liddell’s appearance on the hit TV show, Hawaii five-0.


11 Responses to “PHOTO: Chuck Liddell Fighting For ProElite?”

  1. Jason says:

    Chuck looked a little pudgy

  2. Marc Satan says:

    Yea A little bit chunky, most choreographed fight I’ve ever seen as well ahah..

  3. Creature says:


  4. Bbag says:

    Haha I always liked chuck when he knocked people out with a beer gut! What a badass

  5. Jack says:

    Give the guy a break… He’s over 40 now and still fighting, fair play to him! I’d love to see any of u fighting at his age! Keep it up chuck!! Age is just a number!!

  6. mike f says:

    Part of Chucks appeal was that he was party animal, always had alittle juggle in his midsection, and would go out there and would ktfo his opponent.

  7. jason N says:

    I DVR hawaii 50 Been waiting for BJ’s appearance.

  8. Lex w says:

    1 of tha best fighters ever

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