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Sunday, 12/09/2012, 06:50 pm

Photo: BJ Penn – Not Without A Fight | UFC NEWS

Last night in front of a sold out KeyArena in Seattle, BJ Penn returned to action against the talented Rory MacDonald.

It didn’t go our way.

As the BJPENN.COM director I always do a post-fight thought. After UFC 94 I told the Penn Nation to hold their heads high. After the first Edgar loss I promised everyone the champ would be back. I have always been able to find words of inspiration in times of defeat but last night those words never came.

Today, now that I have safely made it to my home and had almost a full 24-hours to settle into the idea that my boss and friend, BJ Penn, just lost again, I still don’t have much to say.

I just don’t like the idea of doing it again, I don’t think I can repeat the past stories, because I am still sad, I’m sad for BJ.

At the end of the day, I am more than a friend and employee, when it really comes down to it I am a fan of BJ Penn. That’s the reason why I took this position in the first place. It’s because of my own status as a fan that I feel what all his most loyal supporters feel. It’s depressing, disappointing and sad.

But I don’t really consider my feelings at the moment; my feelings are not important. I was with BJ in the lead up to the fight. He was a happy, confident and rejuvenated fighter who truly believed it was his turn to make a lasting impression on the big stage.

BJ listened to his critics, changed his training, and came in healthy and ready to return to his old ways. He truly believed that it was time and he was ready.

It just didn’t happen that way.

One can only imagine what BJ truly feels when the lights shut off and it’s only his thoughts he is left with. Hopefully he realizes that all his fans still support and still love him, not only for his success in sports, but also for his heart and determination in defeat.

When I walked into my house, looked at my phone and checked my email the photograph included with this little write-up inspired me to write it out.

The picture alone tells the story of the man.

As a larger Rory MacDonald towers over BJ, BJ still finds the heart to land this crushing right hand. And even though the negatives far outweigh the positives last night, remember this picture, remember the man as he is. He never gave up, he never quit, and even though he did lose all three-rounds last night, he didn’t go out without a fight.

What else could we ask of him?

Now for those concerned, BJ is OK. He did skip the post-fight press conference last night, but outside of a few stitches he was back at his home watching TV and reflecting on the fight with his closest friends and family.

I’m sure he will address you guys soon on his own, but for now that is all I have.

Props to Tracy Lee for the amazing photograph!


32 Responses to “Photo: BJ Penn – Not Without A Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jason Roache says:

    Still BJ’s biggest Sydney Fan!! Watched your fight saw the energy you have. Just my opinion – go back to LW – You can def dominate there again. I know you can. Hold that LW tittle one more time before you call it off. You can do it. I know you can! Chin up. Your def a great!!!

  2. Danny Casler says:

    My name is Danny Casler. I am from Kailua, Oahu.

    I want to just say that when I see BJ all i have for this man is insane admiration and respect. I saw his heart and passion for family in his reel before the fight and it was very moving watching him talk about his daughter. I know this same passion he has for family is what fuels his heart as a warrior and he makes me so incredibly proud to be from Hawaii, to be his brother on this planet and to just see a human being who represents the essence of what a man should be. In no way is this man a loser. HIs achievements will always stand with respect and admiration. One day, i will meet BJ and tell this to his face when I shake his hand. Proud is what I am.

  3. Brad White says:

    Great post.

    BJ, if you read this, I watched the fight last night like an angry older brother. I wanted you to fight in 155 and crush some cans. I know you’re a martial artist and that’s why people respect and love you, but we also want to see you succeed. Rory walks around 30lbs heavier than you, what’s the glory in fighting him? I hope you come back and fight again, but in your true weight class. Fight Bendo, Nate Diaz, Clay Guida, Eddie Alvarez, Melendez … Those would all be dream fights. I’d pay double PPV to see them.

    My best to you and your family.

  4. Jay Unidos says:

    I’m a BJ Penn fan for life, but he didn’t listen to his critics, or even many of his fans, who’ve wanted BJ to train in Cali, with a S&C coach like Marv Marinovich, and with a team like AKA or Blackhouse to help him prepare for a dangerous opponent, like Rory, and a solid game plan. Just keeping it real.

    BJ never quit, and is a true warrior.

  5. Nunya says:

    Much respect BJ. No matter how much he connected. You still came at him. A true warrior. Many fighters will not come close to what youve accomplished, but I wouldve liked to see you fight Ben Henderson or even a rematch with Nate (this rematch would have a different outcome by the way BJ trained & dieted for Rory fight) instead of Rory.

  6. RVCA Man says:

    I was at the fight, the arena was electric! Thank You BJ for showing the heart of a lion. You BJ are the epitomy of a true warrior, fighting till the end. BJ we are so proud of your. Fucking granite chin, can’t be knocked out or even knocked down. I look forward to your next fight BJ! I’m from Northern California and couldnt believe the all the BJ fans an supporters in Seattle. BJ Penn Nation was alive and everywere at Key Arena. BJ Penn shirts everywhere!!

  7. Darren too old to fight .. says:

    Jesus … B’j’s not dead ..he lost a fight .. i’m sure he’s lost before .. he’ll come back .

  8. Creepycrawler says:

    Please get a new camp, you are a warrior but there are weight classes in place for a reason. Go train with the best and start from scratch, Bernard Hopkins still does well because he is still learning how to box everyday he is in the gym.

    You cannot train like you use to and expect to remain on top, 145-155 is your arena, please go out on top and do it right, you are still in it, but stay away from the yesmen, they are doing you no favors.

  9. Kevin says:

    BJ is a stud. Anyone else would’ve buckled in that 2nd round. He is all heart and is a total bad ass. I do feel he needs to stay at 55, though. Guys are just too big these days. All this said, and I am not being bitter, but Rory McDonald is a cocky little prick and I hope someone knocks his head off. You don’t disrespect a legend like that, dancing around like an idiot. He is a highly skilled fighter, no question. But he could learn a lot about class and respect from his training partner, GSP, who is all class. I truly hope the next person Rory fights KOs him brutally (ala Hendo – Bisping). Chin up, BJ, you’re still one of the best the MMA world has ever seen. Go out on your terms, your fans will love you no matter what.

  10. casey says:

    I hope bj does not retire. There are still alot of great fights out there for him. I admire bj for taking on any and all but I would like to see him fight at 155. Bj has nothing to prove, he is a legend in the sport. It would be nice in the future to see the ufc have a type of masters league where we could see fights between the older stars who are still active and want to compete.

  11. pk9grrr says:

    I dont consider this a bad loss at all .He went all 3 rounds against a top opponent .imo B.J looked in great shape and moved well but the factor here is size ,it really does make a diference these days .same could be said with the shogun fight etc

  12. Abby Bloom says:

    To the writer: It’s odd because you’re a friend and employee of BJ’s so it makes sense that you would be down about this fight and concerned for BJ. I’ve never met the guy and I’ve been bummed out since last night. I honestly feel for the guy. I think he’s the greatest, still do. My husband laughed at me when I posted a comment on his twitter!… But I really felt the need to let him know his fans still have his back and love what he’s done.

  13. bill says:

    Bj you need real trainers around you not cheerleaders. You have a talent that many will never experience. No matter what I have much respect.

  14. korean jesus says:

    BJ hope you recover quickly and keep your head high. i’ve been bummed out from last night but im glad we had a chance to see you fight again, even though things turned out the way it had. we all saw you hangin in there and holding it down against rory. you looked injured early on in the fight.. if you still have the passion to fight, i sure hope you continue to do so. there are fans that still want to see you continue fighting. no matter you’re decision, the real fans are proud of you for holding it down. we all know you were hangin in there for everyone. keep your head high BJ!

  15. Christian says:

    Hey BJ and Penn family,

    There is nothing to say to you but congrats. Thank you for putting on an amazing warrior-like performance last night. It was obvious from media releases, UFC’s road to the octagon, and your interaction with us fans that you took this fight very seriously. You came in excellent shape and trained your heart out. Sometimes the bigger man wins but you have proved on countless occasions that your heart is your biggest weapon. Yeah Rory might have got the win but you still have the heart. You still have the drive. Do what you need to do. Whether you decide to stay at 170, drop to 155, or retire take that heart with you everywhere. You’re an inspiration to me and are an excellent role model. You’re still the prodigy and you’re still one of the greatest talents in MMA. All I know is me along with you’re other supporters believe in you and know you got what it takes. You’re still a championship caliber. Like you said in your Road to the Octagon interview, you want to be mentioned in the p4p best fighters ever. In my eyes you’re that and I know you still got what it takes to be a lightweight champion. You’re warrior mentality, talent, and skill are embedded in you. Keep your head up you have nothing to be disappointed of and I feel you’ll come back stronger. You got this BJ one hiccup on an illustrious career never stopped anyone. War Penn.

  16. carson soares says:

    Simply put……belts hang around your waist for a little while and you’ve had those my braddah, in two different weight classes!!!! LEGEND hangs on your head like a crown that NO ONE can EVER take away!!!! IMUA KAKOU HAWAIIAN!!!!!!!

  17. ryan says:

    hope bj is okay. was a very tuff fight and took some good shots that others may have buckled to, but he stayed in the fight and finished. nothing but love and support from a loyal fan!!! hope he and his family are good. WARRRRRR!!!!!!

  18. tonyo says:

    for me bj penn is the most exciting ufc fighter! hes a legend …no matter what he does. win ,loose or retire his legacy will continue and an inspiration to all.

  19. Chris says:

    BJ has always and will remain the fighter that I have admired from the very beginning. Win or lose it does not change my opinion. I’ve never seen a fighter in the octagon like BJ. He’s never given up, keeps fighting even if he’s physically or mentally hurt. He’s never backed down from anyone bigger or smaller. I can’t say the same of the other greats in this sport. What BJ has accomplished in MA\MMA is rare and will not be duplicated any time soon. The times I met BJ he has been nothing but respectful and most importantly HUMBLE. That’s huge for me as a fan of this sport. If BJ reads any of these comments I hope he knows that he has nothing but love from his fans. -Chris Urzua SoCal!

  20. deepcountrykauai says:

    I know Bj personally and all I can say is that when I watched the fight saturday night, from the 2nd round on I had a hard time breathing..It was like I literally had lost my breath and my legs felt weak but we knew it was going to be a rough fight and it was a rough fight, every single time Bj fights it’s gonna be top 5 competitors in any weight class and win or lose, I am always a loyal Penn fan..One love..

  21. anderson says:

    I’ve been a BJ fan since the first day he stepped into the Octagon. BJ Penn has more guts in his pinky finger than most men have in the entire being. BJ inspires me to give everything I have in every aspect of my life. He has nothing to leave to prove. He’s a true champion and and a living embodiment of what it means to have a warrior spirit. You’ve inspired a legion. We will share tales of your amazing fortitude for generations. You’re a legend. Mahalo WAR PENN – @TheReelAnderson

  22. ale tolentino says:

    i as a hawaiian totally understand the reason you chose to fight guy who out weigh you by 30 lbs and stand a foot taller than you the heart of a hawaiian makes us do things like choosing the biggest guy in the crowed to fight . thats fine on the street but not good for a pro fighter in the octagon in this new age of pro fighting because of master fighters like you have raised the bar on how to properly train a fighter MMA has become the greatest pro fight game in the fight or not to fight what ever you decide to do i will understand and totally support your decision .all i can say is MAHALO BJ you are a great inspiration to so many not only here in hawaii but in the world.

  23. Kenny says:

    Bj go back to 155 and u can do some serious damage plz make things Pono with the Marinovich brothers cause they will help u cut weight the right way and u can be the beast u are..We luv u Hawaiian and no other MMA fighter would do what u have done that is go up against upper division fighters like u have except for A.S thats why u r a top P4P fighter in Hawaii cause u are not afraid of a larger man..That said plz go back to 155 where u will be the same size as your opponent..Marinovich Bros. can get u back to your crazy ways Chee Hooo..Ask Sherk,Stevenson,Sanchez and Pulver how they felt when u were there kicking there ass cause u trained with the right people..

  24. mma says:

    Ok here it is.
    He got owned by a better fighter, fitter fighter, more motivated fighter. Sure it´s sad but let´s be honest here, in no way did BJ even rattle Mcdonald. This picture above is the only real punch he ever landed during the whole fight. Mcdonald was in another league and that´s that! Stop kissing Bj´s ass and give him some criticism cause he needs to here it.

  25. Cheesesballs says:

    BJ you are my favourite fighter of all time, a real fighter that does not turn down a challenge, this is why everybody loves you. But you have no business being at 170 you are a true 155er and thats where u need to be. Also BJ no disrespect to your camp but you need to stop training in Hawaii, to be the best, you need to train with the best. How can you ever improve when your better than everyone you train with? Steel sharpens steel BJ, you need to train with a real team of elite fighters, not the guys you like to hang out with. This is my respectful opinion as a fan. Change camps, train in the US, the invitation to the Gracie camp would have been ideal. If anyone could bring back the killer attitude in BJ it’s the Diaz brothers and lets do this properly at 155.

  26. Ricky says:

    When I am old and reflecting back on the individual who first struck the hunger in me for MMA they will say “BJ Penn? After all this time?”If and I will simply say “Always”.

    Still a fan.

  27. Connect says:

    After looking at the photo…if only if this connected two inches lower, Rory would still be sleeping right now!! If only…great heart and courage BJ has. I was more suprised to see BJ keep stepping forward in the 3rd after taking that kick to the body and those body shots! Much love BJ, make a run for the LW belt…please!

  28. mikej says:

    Loved BJ throughout his career. Helluva fighter. But he’s still not coming into fights in shape. He was obviously gassed already late in the first round. These other guys are just training on another level. BJ has never had the work ethic, or maybe just lacks the physical skills. And now as he’s gotten older, it really shows against young fighters. He really didn’t have a chance. MacDonald is huge too. Towered over BJ. Please BJ, stop fighting these bigger fighters. Drop down a weight class. You are over matched physically, and it was just to obvious.

  29. Dane says:

    BJ Penn, has to be more humble. This is what happens when you think you are the best. There will be someone always better than you.
    Wash it up….. before you get killed

  30. RDP says:

    There’s a reason why Anderson Silva considers BJ Penn one of the best fighters ever. I think when the books are written, fans never remember athleticism, records or belts…they remember HEART. That, BJ has above any fighter. Anytime, any weight anywhere, BJ will fight. We can’t ask for anything more from a warrior.

  31. towsurf says:

    all the fighters in the UFC have heart. It is tough to get into the UFC. Because you stand there like a punching bag means that you did not prepare as well as you should have. No leg kicks, only boxing. One dimensional.

  32. Chris says says:

    Bj is the best he always steps up. Rory was just to damn big for him. Frankie was too damn fast for him. Frankie shouldn’t of even been fighting at 155 he is a 145’er he knew he had the advantage in speed! The only reason he quit in the 4th rd against GSP is he had injured his rib. Plus Fitch got dominated in my opinion shouldn’t be a draw! Besides Frankie BJ would crush any light weight except for the guys who cheat and Weigh like 30 lbs more and just cut weight to get an advantage! Bj would destroy Anderson Silve if Anderson was his same height and same weight… He just keeps getting crazy matchups where the other guy is to freakin small or way to big… If Rory were bjs height bj would’ve won!

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