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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 03:40 pm

PHOTO: BJ and Nick Square Off At Todays Press Conference


34 Responses to “PHOTO: BJ and Nick Square Off At Todays Press Conference”

  1. Ani says:

    Diaz looks a weight class bigger.

  2. Sean says:

    this is making me sad the closer it gets to the fight

  3. James Maney says:

    That’s wat has always made bj stand out. His warrior spirit. Like fighting Lyoto Machida when he weighed 183 and machida weighed 238. Good luck bj

  4. danny digital says:

    Love both of these guys.

  5. yo i just tell the truth says:

    GSP faked injury.

    He is the worst champ alive, watching the clock while holding the other fighter down so the other fighter can’t fight the fight.

    When he face a good grappler, he strike with him. Just like the Jake Shields fight, he faced the worst striker on the WW division and got a night at the hospital.

    Gonna Score Points aka GSP is the worst champ alive, people are buying PPV to see him get KO out cold. Who would pay to see GSP rub his balls on his opponents time after time?

    • Donnybrook says:

      OMG GSP really faked an injury!!, where did you hear that?… You must have heard it from Georges himself seeing as how he’d be the only one who REALLY knows. As far as “who would pay to see GSP rub his balls on his opponents time after time?”… apparently lots of people seeing as how he’s p4p king for PPV draw’s in the UFC according Dana, and he would know.

    • Erica says:

      GSP has FINISHED 18 of his 24 fights!! Most were TKO…(per I just checked this info….for all u non-believers and GSP haters…go to and check it for yourself…

  6. magoo says:

    just tellin the truth…are you crying

  7. DaRuckuz says:


  8. Mike Diaz says:

    He’s taller with longer limbs, BJ you got to close the pocket up on this dude for real. I say BJ takes this fight down to the ground and shows Diaz why he was his first idol all night! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  9. Louis Bocangra says:

    dont hate me for this guys but im a huge bj fan and just became a nick diaz fan, im going for diaz; the reason being if bj does win he will fight gsp again and the last time they fought gsp just laied on top of bj, gsp dosent want anything to do with bj standing up, and mind you gsp is now 2X stronger then last time they fought and it will be the sam out come, not saying gsp is better which is far from the truth, Bj is the best in the world, its just hes a small man fighting bigger men thats why i want nick to win because boring gsp needs to lose…

    • e says:

      what makes you think Nick Diaz is more capable of defeating GSP, than BJ Penn?

      if you were a “BIG FAN OF BJ PENN” then you would be ROOTING FOR BJ PENN.

      thats why i laugh at all of these half ass fans. they always claim they’re “huge fans”, then all of a sudden doubt the person they’re a fan of as if they were confessing sins to a priest.. give me a fkn break.

      • Ethan says:

        You can be a huge fan and not be blind and ignorant….. i’m a huge fan of Ben Saunders… but guess what… he would not beat Josh Koshcheck… I’m not sayin I agree with the original post… just saying your describing a nutt hugging band wagoner… not a fan..

  10. magoo says:

    of course its going to the ground,you didn’t think that bj brought Hughes and Koscheck into his camp to learn stand up did you?

  11. Flair says:

    Both men are warriors. Should be a good fight either way.. That’s all that really matters.

  12. Um says:

    BJ is going to kill Nick Diaz on Saturday night. Plain and simple. There will be blood!

  13. KingGareth says:

    I would like to see Condit vs Diaz

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