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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 04:30 am

PHOTO | Bisping Taking Acting Career Deathly Serious

With his fight against Tim Kennedy still off a ways, Michael Bisping is testing out his acting chops in a film titled, ‘Strike Back.’

‘The Count’ will be filming in Thai Land for three-weeks.


0 Responses to “PHOTO | Bisping Taking Acting Career Deathly Serious”

  1. FightLane says:

    I hope you will be successful in your acting career like THE ROCK. Bisping, I know you can win your next fight.

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  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Pretty funny but wish him the best anyways. If his eye messes up again he might need something like this to fail back on, who knows.

  3. Tor Erling says:

    He’d actually make a brilliant actor!
    He could pick up where Vinny Jones left!

  4. The Correct Guy says:

    He would be a badass actor if he can act. He’s got the action look

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