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Monday, 09/02/2013, 12:02 pm

PHOTO | Anthony Pettis Takes Belt To Fathers Grave Immediately Following Title Victory

Newly crowned UFC lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, has not had a charmed life.

After losing his father at an early age, the UFC star found martial arts as a way to turn his life into something positive.

When he submitted Benson Henderson in the first round, the new champ left the arena and headed straight to share the news with his dad.

No matter the circumstances, u can make a positive from any situation!!! Love u pops!
– Anthony Pettis.


0 Responses to “PHOTO | Anthony Pettis Takes Belt To Fathers Grave Immediately Following Title Victory”

  1. phil manatz says:

    well deserved win! all of the hard work, determination, and perseverance definitely paid off! congrats again!

  2. squid says:

    i was rooting for ben, but anthony’s a deserving champ. that’s awesome

  3. drew says:

    good man! he dad raised him right

  4. MMAdro says:

    Bet Talkshit Daddy comes and tries to ruin such a wonderful thing Anthony did here by spewing nonsense from his uneducated meat hole.

    • T.Daddy says:

      Lol I love my fans… Pettis needs to let his father rest in peace already… every time there is a interview or a UFC countdown or they mention Pettis they show him jogging to the cemetery… We get it your dad died… I’ll stick my size 12 in your meat hole and make you my b.itch

      • KIDD433 says:

        @ TFAGGY Your a real scumbag, his father didn’t only die, He was murdered in a home invasion when he was just a kid. If Pettis’ father has been his inspiration for him to succeed, than who the FUK are you to pass judgement on that? Ignorant piece of shit…

      • VALE TUDO101 says:

        Hey TDaddy, you know you set your people back every time you open your mouth and post on here

      • MMAdro says:

        Funny, you just proved my point and made yourself sound like an even bigger ass than we all already knew you are……and your size 12 Taylor Swift Ked’s would make me laugh son.

  5. Thesire says:

    Idk whose worse tdaddy or gargoyle wrestling

  6. T.Daddy says:

    You wanna know who’s worse? All you f.agets that ain’t got no f.uckin life spending all your time talking about me and Gargoyle… Defending fighters that can give to s.hits about you.. Pettis is a good fighter I just don’t like his azz

  7. Gee says:

    Ma man Pettis. I hope you will remain champion for a long time!

  8. Daniel Walker says:

    can i come kill your father t-bagger? might make you get off the interwebs and start doing something with your fat pathetic existence….. btw i’m new, and even i think you should top yourself.

    Pettis did a fantastic job, regardless of what fat fuckheads say.

  9. Kayer says:

    Daniel, i’d watch you do it … while t daddy and i would be watching the showtime kick over and over as i pour water in his eyeball

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