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Monday, 07/01/2013, 10:49 am

PHOTO: Anderson Silva’s Official UFC 162 Walkout Tee By Nike

A lot was made about the Jon Jones Nike signing, but UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva has been with the popular sports apparel company for years.

In the image below we get a glimpse of Silva’s official, Nike sponsored UFC 162 walkout tee.


0 Responses to “PHOTO: Anderson Silva’s Official UFC 162 Walkout Tee By Nike”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    for all those hate-envy Silva clowns; Anderson knows…

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  3. htp says:

    what?! that was Bo Jackson’s slogan! Nike = FAIL

    • Wrong, dim wad! says:

      the Jackson slogan was “Bo Knows,” not “Anderson knows.”
      also, all the slogans belong to Nike, not the athlete in the ad.
      Now get your Reebok wearing a$$ to your nearest Nike store and buy some stylin’ threads!!!!!

      lol. j/k….

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