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Thursday, 06/14/2012, 06:56 am

PHOTO | Anderson Silva Hits Rolling Stones Magazine As Michael Jackson | UFC NEWS

The pound for pound king, Anderson Silva, has graced the pages of Rolling Stones magazine in the character of pop music legend Michael Jackson.

Head to page 2 to check out the rest of the pictorial.


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48 Responses to “PHOTO | Anderson Silva Hits Rolling Stones Magazine As Michael Jackson | UFC NEWS”

  1. Luch says:

    What an H-mo. I really hope Chale beats his A$$ a second time.

  2. XD says:

    Haha. Anderson always loved MJ I bet this was on his bucket list.

  3. Majestyk says:

    Now Chael has more comic material, and one more reason to smash this clown.

  4. Zack says:

    That’s the pose he’s gunna be doin after he knocks out chael

  5. Rollingstone says:

    Anderson Silva is enjoying life and doing what makes him happy and you ass clowns give him a hard time. Time for the haters to shut up until he actually does something that is bad for the sport and actually gets beat. Until than show the man respect that he clearly has earned. He will completely destroy Sonnen and may even be the first person to make another man tap due to tears!!

    • GathersNoMoss says:

      I agree with what you said except for the last sentence. I’m a Sonnen fan, but his radical fans’ comments are becoming so ridiculous that it’s making me want to hate Chael. Not a big Silva fan, but lots of respect for his existence in MMA: the guy is unbelievable. Silva has alway been a big MJ fan and has the moves to prove it. That’s pretty cool (and evidence of how far reaching MJ’s popularity still is).

      Still going with Chael in the rematch. Should be a good fight.

  6. Zack says:

    Zack attack says I love Anderson Silva, hes my friend!

    • Majestyk says:

      So Anderson likes dressing up to look like the world’s most notorious pedophile, huh? Well, Chael is going to do to Anderson, what Michael Jackson did to all those young boys. In 3 weeks the true Middleweight King will be crowned!!

  7. jbeamazing says:

    I like how the comments go
    anderson is homo-
    fuck chael-
    I hope chael beats him –
    chaels a pussy-
    you people are funny

  8. Zack says:

    By you people you mean you stupid Brazilians right!

  9. WrestlingRules says:

    NOW, you know why MOST people DON’T like this narcissist?? Spidey thinks he’s Jacko….when will he start the skin bleaching?? If Chael doesn’t retire this bitch than he needs to go fight Bones… he won’t do it cuz he be scared…

  10. Xaninho says:

    I’m not a Michael jackson fan, but it would be funny if Silva did a moonwalk after he knocked out Sonnen.

  11. WrestlingRules says:

    New name: Anderson “Wacko Jacko” Anderson……

    on a serious note: is Silva not one the ugliest sob’s you ever seen?

    • How can you say that says:

      after looking in the mirror all your life???

      • WrestlingRules says:

        do you have a man crush on Silva???

        • Dude says:

          you are getting owned. give it up. plus silva, according to you, has a crush on himself. you have one on sonnen, you all american hunk, you! you go, handsome ; )

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Dude are you a homosexual??? Silva has a crush on himself?, well let’s see he has a life sized mural of himself on the wall of his home…What do you call that??

          But you are right, I WOULD NEVER root for a Brazilian to win. ONLY AN AMERICAN ALWAYS!! HooRah……

          Please owned, get off the weed you’re stoned!!

        • Rodriguez says:

          I have a crush on Silva, because he actually has two testicles unlike Chael’s one. And I am sure because you love Chael so much you chose to shoot up like him and now you have one testicle. I am sure, though, that you and your retard friends enjoy the testicle very much, seeing how it’s possible the only manly thing you will ever have, especially because it is clear that you like to lay on guys and dry hump them till they bleed. And don’t even try replying with your boring and half assed lame comments, because I am tired of reading your mediocre thoughts!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey ese, I have actually boxed longer than I have wreslted. So I know you have homoerotic dreams about Silva, but please keep them to yourself…pienche marichon pendejo cabron…

        • Rodriguez says:

          It’s cute that sister fucking idiots like yourself google Spanish to use it in a sentence. Just remember we may be considered a minority, but we are becoming a majority! And I only imagine the only time you ever boxed when you would try to stop your daddy from but fucking you and your sister…From the sounds of it, seems like you lost…a lot!

  12. Zack says:

    Anderson Silva has destroyed competition for years now and yet you people say such mean things about him. Are you not entertained?

  13. maurice says:

    its amazing how long anderson has been at the top. he’s been at the top for so long that i remember back when fedor vs anderson was a fight every1 was dying to see. he’s the only fighter i call a fucking master inside the cage. he’s been a mj fan for as long as i can remember, he deserves the cover of this mag in mjs attire. with that said, michael jackson is one the shadiest human beings ive ever known about and creepy as fuck…his music is fucking incredible tho. lol.

  14. Rick dizzle says:

    Dumb asses in the 80s when people dressed like MJ they were considered the most fly dressed mother fuckers on earth no one can comprehend this becuase it’s 2012

  15. bill nye says:

    greatness creats a grand shadow… and in that shadow lies all of the haters who want to see the sun. problem here is anderson silva is the one casting the shadow and nobody is gunna stand taller than him for a long time to come.

  16. EP says:

    what a bunch sonnen fan boys that know nothing about the sport its so fkn sad. everyone is saying sonnen was beating him up for 4 rounds etc etc etc first and foremost, guess what, who gives a fuck, he tapped like a little bitch in round 5… and as far as beating andersons ass, when the hell has dry humping someone for 4.5 rounds count as “beating up” someone???? just curious… with that said, watch the fight again, and look at Andersons face, didnt even have a scratch on it… but yeah … he really got beat up for 4 rounds… Lmao. I feel bad for all these sonnen fan boys that know shit about the sport but r just wwe fans converting over,… heres a news flash for u … Anderson Silva is going to absolutely dismantle and destroy GAYEL SONNEN … no questions asked. Aside from that TEAM PENN for life, Prodigy is the GOAT, aside from A Silva. Rory MacDonald is gonna the shit beat out of him come Sept 22nd. Shouldnt call out Legends when you havent even fought a top 10 fighter in ur division, what an idiot that kid is. WAR BJ, JUST SCRAP.

    • Majestyk says:

      Apparently your opinions are off base on all fronts. First off, landing 300 strikes to Anderson’s face isn’t “dry humping” him. It’s called “having your way”. Similar to the way that Anderson’s pedophile hero Michael Jackson had his way with that 10 year old boy. Secondly, Penn should go back to worrying about his daughter seeing his busted-up face (as he stated after the Diaz fight), and stay retired. His legacy will be further tarnished when Rory humiliates him and hands him his 4th loss in a row.

  17. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson needs to be in the gym!!!

  18. Ben Nusbaum says:

    When did Anderson Silva + Michael Jackson = good business?

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