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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 08:37 am

PHOTO | Anderson Silva & Chael Sonnen Square Off At Today's Press Conference

In anticipation of the UFC 148 main event title fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen the UFC held a special press conference today in Brazil.

The two fighters squared off at the conclusion of the event for an intense moment infront of the cameras.

Here is another shot.


87 Responses to “PHOTO | Anderson Silva & Chael Sonnen Square Off At Today's Press Conference”

  1. Cagin says:

    Chael is just loving all the money that is now flowing his way. He played Brazil like suckers. Now he is setting up his retirement. Win lose or draw he has already won financially.

    I see the same tactic as Dan Hendo vs Jones. Just looking for a big retirement pay check,.

    • Lolz says:

      When has hendo backed down from anyone. Ya think maybe cuz he’s gonna be 42 he wants one more title shot? He’s always taken on the toughest guys and right now that’s Jones

      • Reality says:

        I wonder if it took a lot for Silva to not smack Chael right there at the press conference. Chael’s insults were digging deep.

        • Cjjkkyfsscbh says:

          Chael probably felt the same way…he hates Anderson

        • Reality says:

          Chael couldn’t feel the same way. Anderson isn’t hurling insults his way and never disrespected him. For Chael it’s entertainment, but for Anderson it’s become personal. The only way Chael can feel the same way is if Anderson reaches over and smacks the sh1t out of him at the conference. I hope this fight is different in that Anderson dominates and finishes him.

  2. Will says:

    Chael looks out of shape and a little on the heavy side

  3. Justin says:

    The fight isn’t till July 7th, it doesn’t matter what shape he’s in now. That is totally irrelevant.

  4. ATT DORAL says:

    Anderson is going to Finish chael…

  5. Josh Julius says:

    Chael doesn’t look out of shape plus it doesn’t matter he’s gonna murder the spider

    • butch says:

      Your crazy bro silva is the most skilled and well rounded and very unique and along with bj bj penn is the best the ufc and mma has ever seen period the spider is gonna effortlessly walk right through that dude lol

      • yomma says:

        Ya Silvas insanely skilled but you’re crazy if you think he’s just gonna effortlessly walk through chael…this rematch is happening for a reason, and it’s because chael was destroying anderson up until the moment he got tapped. Its gonna be a good fight I can’t wait. Don’t be a fool son

        • Xaninho says:

          He wasn’t destroying him and even if he was it was with testosterone levels of 17 men, which he got suspended for. So even if he grinded out the decision win it would have been a no contest due to cheating….son.

        • zong says:


        • Advent says:

          The suspension for trt was taken back and he was then suspended for the money laundering. Fact check son.

        • Xaninho says:

          Suspension was for the TRT and you’re full of crap..fact check son.

  6. Anderson Silva's rib says:

    what now!! what now!!

  7. Tyler says:

    Looks like they’re hugging it out lol

  8. Xaninho says:

    Eunuch-ael is back on the testosterone and bulking up again. better do a surprise test on the cheater.

  9. Jenuel says:


    Chael’s not gonna get that much money. If anything he’ll leave with 500,000 at the most. This isn’t boxing where fighters have much more control of their contracts. The UFC always makes sure they get the BIGGEST piece of the pie. What the fighters get paid is crap compared to what the UFC makes.

  10. That first picture looks like they are hugging each is gunna taste canvas he’ll be kissing it after Anderson destroys him with a devastating array of strikes.

  11. Jp benn says:

    Chael appears to be holding water a deffinant sign of his heavy trt. They should perform a random on him just to see how far above the limit he is because i would say he would fail a test. I think its stupid how people credit trt chael for dominating anderson for 4 rounds. Anderson is older and doesn’t need trt to beet cheet sonnen

  12. jbeamazing says:

    when Chael Sonnen retires he better turn promoter this guy out smarts a lot of lame fans with ez lol

  13. Ste says:

    Looks like Sonnen is going to start kissing Silvas neck in the first pic lol….

    Cant wait… Possible 5 rounds of Sonnen going for takedowns and going cock too cock with the spider…. Hate wrestlers lol……

    Hope Silva submits him again in some crazy bruce lee style fashion… Or maybe even a Mortal Kombat style Fatality “FINISH HIM!!!!”

  14. Night-Wind says:

    I bet Chael looks exactly like that just before Anderson’s knee flies through his face.

  15. Jones is not God says:

    Dana is smirking because he knows how much money is to be made on this one. Lol!

  16. Silva isn’t going to let him take him on the ground. Dont yall remember who is #1 pound for pound. Chaels # ?????

  17. Coco says:

    Sonnen you got swedish support!
    Make that clown cry at he’s backyard

  18. J Lou says:

    Looks like Anderson got some new cologne. Chael was just sniffing it out.

  19. Zack says:

    Dana is lookin at Anderson like damn your bout to beat the shit outta this douche

  20. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Simply put, Chael is delusional. Seriously

    • jbeamazing says:

      Cheal is doing his job being entertaining and selling fights is that too much to get
      people and new fans alike in the fight game you sale fights especially if its on ppv for almost 60 bucks a pop do you get it yet he isn’t crazy he is genius he is not even that great of a fighter but everyone wants him to fight anderson for the title because he sells the fight like he is cassius clay do you people understand yet

      • Absinthe says:

        Thats why real fans don’t like him….he needs to sell fights by being fake and acting like a fool…where good fighters let their skills sell the fights and do the talking

  21. Adam says:

    How can anyone say how anderson is going to destroy chael, did you even watch the last fight between them or are you just that in love with anderson? Seriously some of you people are so ignorant and delusional its crazy.

    • Xaninho says:

      Talking about delusional…Did you know Chael Sonnen got suspended for a year after that fight he lost for having the testosterone levels of 17 men?

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        Xaninho – I’m getting the feeling that you don’t like Chael 😀

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha you’re right I don’t particularly like that cheating eunuch. And that on itself wouldn’t be a big issue. But the delusional Sonnen fanboys, in compleet denial about Sonnen’s PED abuse are annoying me.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I’m definitely a Chael fan, much more of his trash talk than his actual fighting skills, although I do appreciate his work ethic in fights. But what the fuck do you call a guy who can’t finish someone off after punching them 300 times in the face? (Chael self proclaims that he actually punch Anderson that many times).
          Mark Munoz is the guy I would really want to see against Anderson, I think he would cause Anderson a lot of problems, but I guess Anderson would just do enough to win like he always does.

        • Xaninho says:

          Anderson normally wins with great ease. Even Bisping would stand a better chance than Sonnen.

          What you think happens once Silva clips him like Bisping did? He’s not going to survive that. Silva is a great finisher.

          And I don’t mind you being a Sonnen fan, you haven’t been denying the simple fact he had elevated testosterone levels in his fight against Silva. The fanboys I’m talking about just leave that out of the evaluation of the first fight. That is just annoying.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You got to admit Chael rocked Anderson a couple times in their last fight though.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Maybe this is just me being biased, but I think that Chael just underestimated Bisping, I mean heck he was preparing for Munoz who is IMO the second best MW today. Bisping is kind of like a cheaper version of Anderson except that Bisping has better takedown defense. So I think stylistically Chael has a better change against Anderson, because of his wrestling. But of course these are just my speculations, it’s hard to tell until Bisping actually fights Anderson.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      He’ll yeah I watched the fight! It was four rounds of Phael pitty patting an injured Silva, while using two soft pillows as his weapons of choice. Silva had bad ribs and still subbed Phael, even after fighting off his back for four rounds. Get a grip, but loosen your grip on Phael’s one nut

  22. Night-Wind says:

    How can anyone say how anderson is going to destroy chael?

    Caus he is 100% now.

  23. Haha says:

    Hahaha u clowns that think chael has a chance, the fight waz close cause he took steriods n he still lost, hahaha he only has a shot if he takes twice as much this time

  24. Jason says:

    Let’s see how he does without the roids. Probably like Sherk in the Penn fight.

  25. g says:

    I have a few more months to earn and save up as much money as I can and then I’m looking to bet every single penny of it on Anderson Silva. I’m looking for someone who thinks Sonnen will finish Silva, if anyone thinks this, I would like to bet against you on that notion. As much money as you’re willing to put up, I will put up that amount. So, any takers? P.S. Sonnen fans are faggots.

  26. Sean says:

    Looks like chael’s roiding up again

  27. Lee says:

    Chael was destroying Silva…until the beetle juice wore off and he got tapped, once a cheat always a cheat.

  28. fuckyomudda says:

    Isn’t Chael being constantly monitered for any type of steroids now? Like piss tests all the fucking time and checking his blood type of monitered?

    • Reality says:

      Probably not … the only reason they randomly did the test where Overeem got caught is because they had an agreement to 2 random tests for Overeem. I doubt they’re watching Chael like that. However, based on the fact that he previously got caught there’s no telling if they may surprise test him and ruin another great headliner 😉 (That would be Chael’s fault of course ..just like it was Overeem’s fault)

  29. ZC says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can say that Steroids make that big of a difference in the Octagon. If anything, you gas SOONER because your body is holding excess amounts of GROWTH hormone which tends to your muscles sooner than your cardio. It has no effect on your lung capacity.

    TRT allows these guys to go in and train harder and recover sooner, because with low levels of testosterone you’re much more susceptible to injury. Considering how much Silva is “hurt” I would suggest he go see a doctor about it honestly.

    You can call it cheating, but if its a viable medical condition, then you’d have to consider Tiger Woods getting Lasik eye surgery to give him better depth perception cheating. It could only help him by a slight bit if even that.

    Steroids don’t improve your technique, and technique is what held Silva on his back for 4 rounds and left him with some nice dents among his head.

    • Xaninho says:

      The only reason Silva was on his back is Silva himself. He was out to submit Sonnen. He was calm and collected throughout the fight, cause Sonnen did not hurt him with his pillowhands.

      Unlike you seem to think Silva didn’t have a mark on him.

  30. ZC says:

    And to top that off, if he was using steroids like you idiots think he is, he’d be a fucking giant walking around like Overeem. Overeem used steroids to get huge along with a protein heavy diet. Sonnen uses it to keep himself active and ready to train.

    This sport takes a toll on your body and most men are lacking the testosterone to keep going at that age. This is why the majority of the great fighters that are coming up are very young.

    Jon Jones, young. Rory MacDonald, young. I’m not saying that you have to be young or use TRT to be great, but in the modern age of MMA its leveling the playing field.

  31. Boxing101 says:

    I’m from Oregon and chael calls himself the west linn gangster.. West linn is a rich ass town and no violence. He obviously is trying to make his appearance sound tough

  32. Guamy says:

    Rory hasnt fought anyone worth a damn except a LW Nate Diaz. Che mills was a gimme fight for Rory, Che Mills is from england and has no wrestling what so ever. So what do they do ? they match him up with Rory the wrestler. Even with no wrestling background and weak blue belt lvl BJJ of che mills, Rory still could not finish him. You SUcK RoRy.

    • Hightower says:

      What fight were you watching? I didn’t see the fight go 15 minutes. I saw one guy get punched in the face a shit ton of times, the ref having to stop the fight and a guy leave the cage with a busted up face. I understand you might not like a fighter but dont make yourself look like that much of an ignorant ass with a comment that stupid.

  33. 50 Tyson says:

    I hope chael does well in this fight he seems to do good in rematches we can’t forget the Paulo Filho fight also Anderson I kind of want both to win but…I’d rather prefer chael to win Even if he’s a shittalker I don’t care but just the way he fights he has to get hit with a sledgehammer to be put down the shots that Anderson hit him with even though he was injured in his rib still would’ve knocked the fuck out of top contenders

  34. koolG says:

    should be a shitty fight, chael against silva without peds… well look at chaels last fight against bisping not good at all….

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