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Monday, 03/24/2014, 05:24 pm


Phil Davis: ‘If my opponents use PED’s, I’ve already won’

“I have a whole philosophy on PEDs,” he said. “Guys who use PEDs have to first admit one thing to themselves, [which is] ‘I’m not good enough to win on my own, therefore I need to take something.’ And that’s all the mental edge I need. You’re not good enough to hang in there with me.

“I’m taking absolutely nothing, I don’t even eat good. I don’t have a strict diet. But if you have it that you have to take PEDs to stay competitive with me, I’ve already won, because you’re not good enough.”

In a recent interview with MMAFighting’com’s Ariel Helwani, top UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Phil Davis, discussed the ever-popular topic of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s).

Do you agree with Phil’s stance?

Phil Davis fights Anthony Johnson at UFC 172 next month.


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