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Tuesday, 08/13/2013, 10:55 am

Phil Davis Has No Interest In Machida Rematch

“I have 12 wins; 11 wins- all those guys want rematches.  [Lyoto Machida is] not the first person who wants a rematch,” Phil Davis, pictured, explained of his recent opponent, Lyoto Machida, to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour Monday.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

It was the most controversial decision of late, when UFC light heavyweight fighter Phil Davis scored a unanimous decision victory over Lyoto Machida on August 3.  UFC President Dana White, broadcaster Brian Stann and much of the media covering the fights believed Machida had the fight won, 30-27.  The judges, all three of them, saw it 29-28 in favor of Davis.

On Monday, Davis appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani where he dispelled all talk of a rematch between the two fighters.  Despite the clamor amongst fans and spectators, Davis sees his win as a legitimate victory moving him closer to a title shot.

I have 12 wins,” Davis explained, “11 [of those] wins, all those guys want rematches.  You’re not the first person who wants a rematch.  You fight every fight like this.  You fight close fights.  Name one fight that he didn’t finish where he beat the crap out of somebody.

You live by that sword, you die by that sword.  When you habitually leave it to the judges, that strategy will fail you.  I can’t say it any other way.”

Davis did go back and watch the fight.  He said that, despite the commentary and what all the fans have said about the fight, he believes he won the first two rounds.

The first was pretty even.  The first round is almost always a hard round to score.  There’s not a lot of momentum.  A lot of times people are feeling each other out.  Machida has this style where he’ll wait until the last minute-and-a-half of the round, explode with a flurry, evade, evade, not for the rest of the time, but pretty much.  If you get taken down in that minute-and-a-half time frame, you’re screwed.  So he lost that round.  To say takedowns shouldn’t decide a round, well, then one flurry shouldn’t win the round.

Machida did indeed throw his one flurry in the first round before Davis was able to secure the takedown, but Davis was quick to dismiss the effectiveness of his opponent’s attack.

I think one punch actually landed.  The knee missed me entirely.  It wasn’t close.  In retrospect, it was too close for comfort.  If that hits you, you’d have been in big trouble, but he didn’t come close to connecting.  It’s one of those things that if you see it on TV, you think it hit; but if you watch it at cage-side or on replay, he actually hit the knee against the fence, and that probably sucked.

After watching the replay of the fights, Davis conceded that Brian Stann, who commentated the fights, was a bit biased in his analysis.  Davis was quick to praise Stann, however.

When I went back and watched the fight, I did think it was a little biased.  I was watching the telecast in the back the entire night.  I thought he did an awesome job, and I think he did a good job in my fight.  His job is no easier than mine.”

One thing from the fight is clear.  Davis’ wrestling was a major factor in his victory.  The former NCAA champion from Penn State scored two takedowns in ten attempts, both of which seemed to have won him the first and second rounds.  Of course, there are many who felt that the low success rate should have gone to Machida’s advantage, given his successful takedown defense.  To this, Davis had plenty to say.

If you have a guy like Lyoto Machida, who keeps an extra-long range, who has great kicks and his kicks allow him ot keep a great range and strike from the outside, and he’s a counter-striker; in order to close the distance to take him down, you have to jump through hops and make this happen.  He’s able to, from that distance, evade a lot of takedowns. So to say he’s got the best takedown defense in the light heavyweight division, you are inaccurately reporting on what’s going on.  Now let me say, he has great, fast hips.  He’s not easy to take down by any stretch of the imagination.

<“Let me explain… the mentality of a guy with my wrestling background, when you go for a takedown, it’s not always to get a takedown.  A lot of times it’s to establish dominance.

“That’s one of the reasons Machida keeps his range, if you’re forcing the takedown.  I’m the one in control of the center.  The judges see, in wrestling if one person takes three shots in a row, the other guy is stalling.  If I take a shot and he took no shots, he didn’t do anything.  Nobody in wrestling keeps the stats of how many shots you take.  It’s how many takedowns you get and who is in control.  If you have two, the stat is it was 2-0.

Whatever the mentality may be, the scorebook will always show Davis winning the bout against Machida.  That puts him in a position to fight his way to a title in the near future.  The UFC places him as the 4th contender for the light heavyweight title, two spots behind the man he just beat.  As it stands, Jon Jones will be facing Alexander Gustafsson on September 21.  Next in line could be Glover Teixeira, if he gets an impressive win over Ryan Bader, or Daniel Cormier, if he beats Roy Nelson at UFC 166.

Where exactly that leaves Davis remains to be seen.


42 Responses to “Phil Davis Has No Interest In Machida Rematch”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    b/c he lost & knows it & doesn’t want to lose again & have the decision go the way it was suppose to. on the heels of that comment, that fight was fu(c)kin’ boring & Machida needs to put a stamp on his wins by being more aggressive. But if Machida did nothing, Davis did absolutely piss all.

  2. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Nothing this wife beater can say to justify that decision. Davis is full of shit, he knew he lost. His whole bodylanguage screamed defeat. He knew and he was just as surprised as the rest of us when Buffer said Davis won.

  3. Lyoto WON says:

    He doesn’t want to fight him again cause he know he lost and felt his power.

  4. JiuJitsuHeyZues says:

    I swear if you thought Machida won that fight your an Idiot. I didnt see not ONE effective Strike from Machida. And Phil is right way before this fight it has been a knock on machida that he doesnt engage. the guys he has finished got impatient and rushed in and played into Machidas Game. Phil stayed out of range and had takedowns and machida finished the first 2 rounds on his back… Thats the only 2 significant things that happened. People are so dumb! Get over it. Machida is WACK as hell anyway! and if he was really in a hurry to take another nap via Jon Jones Guillotine
    Then he should have took the fight that D-Dub offered him @ UFC151. Neither of these guys will survive the top 5 LHWs anyways.

    • Dee says:

      Machida was the one pressing the action not Phil Davis. He came out in the third trying, but stopped. My problem with today’s MMA is that guys are trying to get takedowns in the last minute of the round to steal the round without having to actually win the fight. Machida pressed and controlled the action.

    • u r a moron. says:

      the fact that you referred to dana white as D-DUB shows how much of a douchebag you really are. even dana white doesn’t even refer to himself as that. anyways, we all know douchebags’ opinions aint worth shit anyhow. ur fucking stupid. do us all a favor and kill urself. now. please.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      You call it ‘stayed out of range and had takedowns’, us sane people call it ‘he was running but still got lit up and landed two worthless takedowns in the last ten seconds of the round.’
      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. Bob'O says:

    JiuJitsuHeyZues, What junk are you talking? The only idiot here is you. Get off of Davis’s nutsack brah, he did not win that fight, the pathetic joke for judges gave it to him. He and his entire camp knew they did not beat Lyoto, you could see it in all of their eyes! Yeah sure Lyoto could have done more, but he clearly out striked and out pointed the boring Phil Davis, which = He won. You really need to fix your brain bro, but that’s ok cause we all make mistakes or have had a little too much to drink sometimes. ~Bob’O

  6. Shawn says:

    It was a close fight. I thought it would have been a split, with Machida edging a win. These judges no nothing about MMA. They gave the fight to Davis because of the takedowns. But he did nothing on the ground when he did take Machida down. Standing, Machida was busier, controlled the pace, and landed more significant shots. Even Davis admits it was very close. And in most people’s view, close enough that Davis didn’t win decisively. I couldn’t live with a performance like that. I’d rather lose fighting like my family’s lives depended on it, than squeek a cheesy “win” like that. I would take a rematch. But I guess some people will gladly take a Win anyway they can. No honor. Take the win Davis, but it doesn’t mean you earn a step closer to a title shot with that performance. I’m a fan, but sorely disappointed.

  7. squid says:

    sounds like a man who knows he’s gonna lose the rematch

  8. Jimmy Lumpkin says:

    I’m glad he has no interest in a rematch because I have no interest in watching one.

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    if Phil Davis doesn’t take a rematch this fake-ass win will forever be a shit stain on his record moving forward.

  10. John_Doe says:

    lmao… Phil Davis is one of the weakest over rated fighters in the lightweight division.

    He depends on his ape reach and size. he sucks and loss. Only Travon thugs who support him because he is a ape as well will believe he won.

    The Jewish judges gave the ape the win

  11. 757 says:

    Did someone in this string actually say that Davis ran ? Like Lyoto did something………Scoreboard

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