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Tuesday, 03/27/2012, 08:38 am

Phil Davis Happy Rashad Evans Exposed His Holes

“I’m glad he poked holes in my game. Because now I can fix some of those holes and know where the No. 2 guy in the world is going to beat me. Now I have a benchmark. Losing is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing in the world is not getting better. I’m glad I got that fight. I’m glad I got it twice, and I’m just real excited about where I’m at in my career… I got myself into one of the situations where you’ve got to go all out to get out of that, and put out a lot of energy. That kind of put me behind on momentum, and from there, Rashad was just the calmer guy. He eased into the fight better. More and more, I was trying to do more to gain momentum and he was just calm and collected. He was an opportunist. He just took advantage of everything that came his way. I’m taking it day by day. The last thing I want is to give an incomplete performance. My next performance I want everyone to go, ‘Wow, yes, this guy is for real.'”

The previously undefeated Phil Davis fought a tough and gritty five-round bout against former UFC champion Rashad Evans. However, for the first time in his career he came up short.

They say that you learn more from a loss than a win and in the case of Davis he seems to be taking the positives out of the situation.

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11 Responses to “Phil Davis Happy Rashad Evans Exposed His Holes”

  1. King Chris says:

    Great way to learn from a loss! Other top fighters would be great if they did the same!

  2. HaVaginaButts says:

    It’s a great attitude to have. I just hope he follows through.

  3. Ian says:

    “Phil Davis Happy Rashad Evans Exposed His Holes” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

  4. Castro says:

    Thats the attitude an athlete should have,unlike most fighters who bitch and find excuses for their losses. I hope to see a better Davis next time.

  5. Cheeznutz says:

    Exposed his holes? Did he moon him?

  6. Sheldon Cooper says:

    I thought this kid was on a higher star than jon jones, that he would get a title shot before dirty bones jones did. can u believe jones beat up a cripple then claims he didn’t know a 12 to 6 elbow was illegal…my left foot that he didn’t know, my tard of a friend lilly even knew that and she barely understands mma or sports

  7. lex walker says:

    he should go train with rashad for a while it would help him alot

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He showed great improvement in his stand up in the first round but after that he went back to the old Phil with off balance, clumsy striking. I agree with Bla Debla above me.

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