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Wednesday, 08/22/2012, 12:11 pm

Pettis Warns Cerrone To "Be Ready" | UFC NEWS

“Oh it is happening. He is talking too much mess for it not to happen. I’m excited to get in there and scrap with him. I should be ready by early November or late November. Either way by November be ready. So, be ready bro. You’ve been talking a lot of mess. Be ready. I am coming for that title shot. You’re the only guy standing in my way and I’m gonna get it.”

Donald Cerrone has been relentless in his calling out of the last reigning WEC champ, Anthony Pettis. Now Pettis took to his time on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” to warn the Greg Jackson fighter to be ready.

This fight is going to happen as confirmed by UFC officials, but who takes it?


33 Responses to “Pettis Warns Cerrone To "Be Ready" | UFC NEWS”

  1. DonDangerously says:

    This gonna be a good fight.

  2. Me says:

    I do not believe Cerrone deserves a titleshot if he beats Pettits sure he will be on a 3 fight win streak but only of the 3 guys are a top 10 he lost pretty convincingly to Nate and lost twice to Bendo sure the first fight was controversial but he stopped him in the 2nd fight. I think he should fight the winner of Gray/Lauzon. But on the other hand if Pettits wins I’d like to see him fight for the title.

    • Tom says:

      What you just said makes no sense. Cerrone is 8-1 in his last 9 and his one loss is to the the guy thats fighting for the title next and Pettis lost to Guida… Cerrone should beat Pettis, and I wouldnt be surprised if Cerrone is favourite on betting lines.

      • Me says:

        @Tom Cerrone never looked like himself when he fought Nate and never looked that impressive if you will and then he beats a top 30 LW? And then beats a guy who is rank 15 – 20.If he beats Pettits it will be his first top 10 victory in a while, Chris Weidman beats 2 top 10 and people say he dosent deserve a title shot. I believe Cerrone needs to beat atleast 2 top 10s as he has already lost to Benson twice and Nate once, So Cerrone needs to prove why he deserves a titleshot against 2 guys who have beaten him already.

      • Mike b says:

        U took the words right out of my mouth…agree 100%.The cowboy deserves that title shot.and he will beat pettis.i don’t like pettis so I’m going with my boy cowboy on this one.i would love to see Varner vs cerrone 3.but Varner just lost to lauzon and cerrone won his last fight against Melvin so that’s not happening.but yeah cerrone deserves the title shot when he beats pettis for sure.

    • Dee says:

      I agree. I definitely do not think Cerrone needs a title shot. He’s just a door right now for those who’s looking for a shot.

      • LandfillAO says:

        How does Cerrone not deserve the shot but Pettis does? Both are 2-1 in their last 3, yet Cowboy lost to the higher ranked fighter. Both had a decision win over Jeremy Stephens, yet Cowboy was far more dominant than Pettis was against him (it can easily be argued that Stephens beat Pettis) and both have head kick KO’s in their last fight. Their last 3 fights are mirror images, only Cowboy looked much more impressive against their shared opponent.

    • some dude says:

      What makes you think pettis should get a shot hes only 2 and 1 in the ufc and only one of those fights are impresive pettis is still riding off that head kick but just wait cowbow is going to put that hype to rest then you can all ride his nuts.

    • Heathen says:

      Petitis deserves a shot but not cowboy. Man people love to hate. He’s an exciting fighter who brings it. Stand up grappling clinch. Cowboy by decesion.

  3. bdizz says:

    yeah real good fight!

  4. magoo says:

    This is gonna be one sik fight, and yes the winner def deserves the next title shot. This div is fukcn stacked !

    • Sasquatch says:

      Hell yeah!… who do you have in this one Magoo?, I’m thinking Cowboy.

      • magoo says:

        I dunno tough call man, cowboys got a hell of a chin and and Showtimes got some crisp accurate striking and Donald likes to lave his chin out a lot, I got a feeing if cowboys losing the standup he will wanna take it to the ground so hopefully Pettis brushed up his ground game after the Guida fight….I’m going no where with this I guess the bottom line is which fighter wants it more! Personally I like both fighters and it should be a hell of a war.

        • Sasquatch says:

          I hear you, this fight is so frickin even it could go to either man. Cerrone may have a slight edge in the grappling department and Pettis may have it in the striking but regardless they’re both very well rounded. This scrap could be a candidate for “Fight of the Year”… can’t wait!

  5. maurice says:

    whoever wins deserve the next shot at NATE DIAZ, after he takes the belt from benson. one of these guys are going to get brutally finished by strikes for the first time in there career. donald tho likes to leave his chin out there to be tagged, and pettis is definently the man to catch it. dont know when or exactly how, but pettis is going to get another highlight reel finish. donald looked absolutely shitty against nate and melvin in my eyes. i think nate diaz and pettis will fight for that belt atleast 3 times to determine the next true lw king. i truly believe nate and pettis are far ahead of the pack at lw. jamie varner is also a serious threat as long as he doesnt come in short notice for a fight.

  6. Anonymous User says:

    I’m glad Frankie is out of the way so we can see some different match-ups

  7. Big J says:

    I got Pettis in this one…

  8. conor says:

    cant wait for this fight, FOTN candidate definitely

  9. Phantom weight says:

    Showtime better sharpen up his bjj,or hes gonna wake up with an L instead of a W

  10. Mik says:

    Add this to the Montreal card, it’s not looking that good.

  11. Yo says:

    Pettis is gonna finish the Cowboy no doubt in my mind.

  12. Samantha says:

    Pettis is worthy of a title shot! He will def be the next UFC Champ. I can’t wait to witness this fight.

  13. some dude says:

    Even if pettis wins witch he won’t hes not going to beat any of the wrestlers in the davision like gray clay miller they will own him on the ground and untill he can stop them he will never be champ.

  14. maurice says:


  15. Noah says:

    That’s going to be so sick fight…I pick Cowboy by decision.

  16. Shawn says:

    Finally! One of the matches I’ve been wanting to since WEC.

  17. Nutcracker says:

    Get ready for what? Get ready for what? How did he manage to injure himself, til November, til November, in an easy win over JLO? Maybe he means his love don’t cost a thing, ya think, bro or broke back mountain?

  18. JonesBlowesBones says:

    You guys are all saying donald cerrone deserve the title shot or he doesn’t deserve the title shot… blablabla tbh it doesn’t matter cous theres no way hes getting passed pettis i can guarantee u that. donald is an awesome fighter but his not in the league of Pettis,Nate,Benson,Gray,Franky…

    • Scotty says:

      How is he not in there league? And why is Pettis? Who has Pettis beat that puts him in that league.. Again, another person that lives off that Benson fight.. Pettis got beat by Guida, then gets a split decision against Jeromy Stephens, and his big win was a KO against Joe Lauzon which only makes him 2-1 in the UFC. Cerrone is 7-1 in the UFC and only loss was to Diaz who is fighting for the title and it went to a decision.. He just KO’d Guillard, beat the hell out of Jermemy Stephens, choked out Siver, and smashed Oliveira.. He has done more than Pettis has in the UFC and has easily proven to be a top LW!

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