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Wednesday, 01/29/2014, 01:54 pm

Pettis Using FOX 10 Bonus Money To Pay For Much Needed Surgery

“He’s been wearing contacts into the cage. They get knocked out early in the fight, so what happens is he stands there squinting in front of his opponents. That’s what’s caused him to get hit so much in his last two fights. It’s easier for him to look at them if he stays still in front of his opponents instead of moving his feet.”

“It dramatically improved Anthony’s game. So that’s what Sergio’s going to do. He’s going to reinvest that bonus wisely and get that corrective surgery.”

In a recent interview with, Duke Roufus, the trainer of both Pettis brothers, said that Sergio is going under the knife to repair his vision before returning to the cage.

Sergio suffered his first career defeat at the hands of Alex Cacares last weekend during the UFC on FOX 10 preliminary card. He did however earn Fight of the Night honors and pocketed an extra $50k.


3 Responses to “Pettis Using FOX 10 Bonus Money To Pay For Much Needed Surgery”

  1. tony says:

    his brother couldnt help him out before? fuckin excuses in this damn sport make me sick

  2. josh says:

    Maybe he should use the money to get a freakin haircut.

  3. James says:

    He didn’t lose that fight because of his contacts. I wrestled and played 2 other physical sports for ten plus years and hardly ever had a problem with my contacts. He got out matched and submitted. Laser surgery isn’t going to fix his submission defense.

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