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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 09:38 am

Pettis on Anderson Silva: ‘I hope he doesn’t come back’

“I hope he doesn’t [come back] because why?” Pettis told Yahoo Sports Tuesday night at a Monster headphones event as part of the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. “His legacy is already fulfilled. What’s he going to come back and win the belt? He’s done what he’s going to do in the sport…I couldn’t even watch it. It was disgusting. It sucks because he’s one of the greatest of all-time. He’s the Muhammad Ali of MMA and the way he went out sucks.”

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, UFC lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, discussed the career of former middleweight champ, Anderson Silva.

While some may not want to see Silva re-enter the eight-sided cage, according to a recent statement from Dana White ‘The Spider’ will return.

Do you agree with Pettis?


12 Responses to “Pettis on Anderson Silva: ‘I hope he doesn’t come back’”

  1. JD says:

    I have nothing but huge respect for Anderson, but I have to agree with Pettis. He has nothing to prove. Deven, just in case you missed it, Anderson did not dominate his last two fights. He got KTFO first fight with Weidman, and got his leg broken the second time around. How did he dominate? Yes he has dominated in the PAST (with a few exceptions), but not anymore. Just like all athletes, they have a shelf life. Anderson needs to hang his gloves, and leave with his dignity and health intact. One of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.

    • Dave says:

      You’re missing critical information here. He got KTFO in his first fight with Weidman AFTER getting into his groove and slipping up. In the second fight, he was starting to get his gameplan working and a leg kick got checked to break his leg. That is incredibly uncommon in MMA and fighters check leg kicks all the time. By no means domination, but he was not dominated himself, he merely gave away the first round (and I don’t mean purposely). Other than that, I agree. He will never be 100% again, but I would like to see him come back to beat up Chael one more time before he officially retires.

  2. whitebomb says:

    G** DAMN! Some of u people are dumb as hell. Your so stupid you dont realize what Philip Griner is even sayin. IT DONT MATTER IF YOUR THE POPE HIMSELF, IF YOU HAVE RODS AND SCREWS HOLDING UR TIBULA AND FIBULA BONES TOGETHER ITS NOT EVER GONNA B THE SAME. I dont care if u are Anderson Silva. You people think he is a god. Listen to yourselves. Stfu man lol. No amount of money or “special” doctors can erase whats happend to his leg…and for the steroids speeding up the recovery, im nkt so sure that works with bones as much as muscle. Even if it did..its still gonna b a long time before he comes back if ever. He would never b the same

    • Fred Baden Agvald says:

      Dude, I hope you know that there are plenty of drugs that can easily speed up nerve and bone recovery. GSP cut over 2 months off his ACL replacement. Do you honestly think there was no drugs/supplements involved in that? Plus having the right doctors does way more than you would know and if you believe that delusional Philip Griner, then you’re obviously listening to the wrong sources. GSP recovered from his ACL tear in 7 months. My ex-GF played soccer and tore her ACL too, 11 month recovery time. Dude on my wrestling team tore his ACL. 13 month recovery. Kid from my HS football team tore his ACL. 13 month recovery. Wrestler from my University tore his ACL and is still recovering after 9 months and doctors are saying it’s still a while to go. Athletes like GSP and Silva have certain drugs they are given to speed these recoveries behind closed doors. I know people want to be ignorant and innocent and believe all athletes are natural, but that’s more bullshit than Obama’s presidency.

    • Philip says:

      Well said whitebomb. Finally a person with some intelligence!! 😉

  3. jsmitb says:

    Soo tired of nerds typing on keyboards none of you faggots know what its like to train, fight , or compete so stop your opinions are pointless.

    • trik says:

      umm so only people who train have opinions ur a clown and i train and I dont assume i’m more knowledgeable than other fans. If u trained martial arts you would have a mind that welcomes new info or technique

    • arynhood says:

      and how eevn more pointless is it to try and stop people from giving there opinion even though yours is so much better what is u 12

    • Guest says:

      Its true though. i train too but i dont talk shit about any pro, even the ones that dont have good records. most motherfuckers dont know shit about being a fighter so they should STFU. and nerd? bitch, i make a living as a chemist AND train MMA. fuck you too.

  4. teto says:

    Gladiators fight until they can’t fight anymore!!! We don’t need another GSP… come back champ, your the best.

  5. Don Hoss Blackburn says:

    Screw Anderson Silva hope he doesn’t return id rather see kimbo return and that’s not saying much the ufc is not what it was

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