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Wednesday, 01/16/2013, 05:30 am

Pettis Not Happy With Melendez Title Shot: Vows To Take What Is Rightfully His | UFC NEWS

“If you look at all the guys you mentioned and the competition they’re fighting, me and Cowboy are the guys that have been fighting the hardest competition. I mean, we’re in the UFC with the best of the best; we’re in the trenches. You’ve got the two best guys in the UFC. I feel like me and Cowboy are right at the top, and the winner of this fight should be next in line for a title shot. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I sat there and tried to play that role, ‘Oh the title shot’s going to come I’m going to sit and wait for it.” I’m taking it this time. I’m going for it. I’m going to take this title shot. I’m going to get my title shot; I’m going to get the respect I deserve.”

In a recent interview with, Anthony Pettis, vented his frustration with being passed up for a title shot in favor of Strikeforce import, Gilbert Melendez.


21 Responses to “Pettis Not Happy With Melendez Title Shot: Vows To Take What Is Rightfully His | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mark Jensen says:

    Anthony or Cerrone, winner should get title fight. I’d put my money on Anthony Pettis everytime. I know decisions, match making, all have specific reasons in the UFC. Anthony earned a title shot. Lets go Joe!

  2. Jackson says:

    Cerrone is in trouble.. thats all i know..

  3. Jujitsu Player says:

    Pettis definitely deserves a shot, but I want to see if Gil is for real or all hype, he is the strikeforce champ and his record is impressive. The winner of Hendo v Gil should face Pettis v Cwerrone. I’d also go for Pettis is this, big fan of Cerrone but I don’t put him in the elite or seeing him winning a title based on the way Diaz dominated him.

  4. machinegun says:

    Lost to Guida, grinded out a split decision over Stephens and flash KO over Lauzon. These are hardest competition? Put him in their agains the likes of Maynard and Miller

  5. Tigershark says:

    Pettis “Beat” Henderson with a last second circus kick, it’s not like he dominated him. Their fight would have been a close victory for the Champion Henderson or, a draw, if not for the kick. Henderson is much improved since his Strikeforce days. Pettis is finally taking Cerrone up on his call out. He’s been ducking him for awhile. Just hope the real Cerrone shows up for this fight.

    • DylanKnight says:

      your retarded, Benson Henderson was never in strikeforce…

      • Dylan you dumbass says:

        It was the WEC, not Strikeforce. Because you’re new to MMA, I’ll explain: Henderson was the WEC LW champ and the final fight EVER for that organization was Henderson vs Pettis for the title.. The fight went 5 rounds and was a great fight.
        Pettis took the decision and the belt on the final day of WEC’s existence with the “kick heard all ’round the MMA world.”

      • Tigershark says:

        @DylanKnight, My bad, it was WEC. I misspoke. However, my point remains the same. And, by the way, fuq you and your “retarded” comment….. can’t you correct a misstatement without being an ass???

  6. Time To Wrestle says:

    Pettis = overrated. Bendo beat him in their last fight and the only reason Pettis won was because the idiot judges were influenced by his circus shit kick. All it was, was a point!! Cerrone on point should beat this kid up. At least that’s the way I see it. By Pettis whining just shows that he is a spoiled little kid that thinks he is entitled to everything. Probably voted for Obummer.

    • Thom says:

      Fuck. You are one of the biggest retards to post on the news section in a while and that is saying a lot.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        Maybe I’ll get banned for saying what I honestly feel. Why are you so sensitive to my opinion? Did I call you a whinny little bitch? No, I did not. So why the personal attack and adhominen? On second thought, maybe you will be the one banned for being a little bitch.

    • You're a cunt says:

      You must have been watching a different fight man. Pettis rocked him not only with that “shitty circus kick” but with a flying knee. Pettis won that fight fair and square. Can you wall jump and kick someone in the face? I think not so get off his dick and quit whining you little cunt.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        First, let’s clarify douchebag that YOU have Pettis’ dick in your mouth, choker and your post was nothing but a huge whine. nuff said. Now, I don’t wall jump. I grab and throw heads to the ground. Cool!! You’re an Obummer supporter aren’t you?

        • The Best says:

          The ignorance youy spew is outrageous. The fact that you called his off the wall kick a “shitty kick” shows you know nothing about MMA. Quite dissapointing really. :(

  7. krafty11 says:

    Pettis lost to Guida. enough said..If he wanted his title shot that bad, he should have waited for the winner of Frankie/Maynard.. Guida did his patented lay n pray style, but Pettis knew what he was getting into when he took the fight. It wasnt a huge secret what Guida likes to do..Did Pettis actually think Guida was gonna stand and trade punches with him?? If you cant beat Guida, you have no business asking for a title shot..

  8. Suneet says:

    It is physically painful to read some of the comments here!

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