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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 10:25 am

Pettis Needs To Win Fights, Will Wrestle His Way Back To The Top

“I just learned that the top position is a huge position to win from. You don’t get beat up. I’m 100-percent healthy. I won the fight. I don’t have injuries. I can go back to train tonight. Top position is important, and I really went back and focused on making that more of a part of my game… You look at the UFC lightweight division, the top guys are all wrestlers. Me being a striker, I don’t fit into that picture. I need to adjust my game to fit in with the top-level guys in the UFC. By no means am I only going to hold people down and try to win fights. I’m still going for my bread-and-butter, which is knockouts, but fighting a guy like Jeremy Stephens, you don’t want to stay in the pocket with that guy too long…you’ll still see [the flashy moves], but it’s going to be limited. I have to be careful. I have to win fights. If I want to be a champ, I need to win fights.”

After a promised title shot against the winner of Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard II disappeared due to a New Years day draw on the judges’ scorecards, Anthony Pettis was left holding a title (WEC) with absolutely zero meaning.

He could have waited it out, sat on the shelf for over a year for Maynard and Edgar to finish their business but instead he chose to stay active and worry about a title unification bout later.

His attempt failed when the UFC matchmaking department put him opposite Clay Guida for his UFC debut. Clay took the fight to the ground repeatedly and used top control and wrestling to gut out a unanimous decision against the highly hyped Pettis. As a result, the Pettis era ended up being just a short lived WEC 52 moment in the last round of the last fight for the promotion.

Pettis as he tells it to, has reinvented his game to compete with the upper level fighters that are now his co-workers. With Ben Askren at the helm, Pettis plans on improving and using his wrestling to do what is needed to be done to win fights and climb his way back to the top of the division.

Will it work? Will he be able to thwart off the relentless takedowns of the divisions elite and implement a similar strategy of his own to win? Or will the man who delivered “The kick heard around the world” fade off into the sunset with his brightest moment behind him?


6 Responses to “Pettis Needs To Win Fights, Will Wrestle His Way Back To The Top”

  1. iamsoawesome says:

    he’s doing the right thing. gotta wrastle ur way to the top. won’t be as exciting but i’m sure we’ll still see the old pettis and his flashy moves.

  2. Jack says:

    Another blanket? Great. Pettis keep fights exciting. The blankets of mma make it boring. I understand top position but make sure you actually try to Finish.

  3. Chris says:

    Use the top position for submissions or G n P and you’ll be just as exciting.

  4. Jmad says:

    I bet he’d beat Guida if they fought again.

  5. Joe says:

    i think he’ll do great incorporating flashy kicks into his wrestling, when his opponents get out of the clich or any grappling pettis counters immediately with something nice,

    i think we’ll see some good fights outta this chap

  6. laynpray says:

    it sucks but after being lay and prayed by guida i guess he understands he has to cater to the idiotic scoring system we are still using in mma today. his fight with stephens was a snoozefest but i guess he has to learn the UFC way to win

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