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Tuesday, 02/05/2013, 10:34 am

Pettis Books Aldo Title Fight For August 3 | UFC NEWS

With a division as ripe as the UFC’s 145-pound weigh-class, it’s hard to understand why title challengers keep dropping down to face the Brazilian born champion, Jose Aldo.

The latest to do so is lightweight contender Anthony Pettis, who will make the transition to featherweight on August 3rd to fight for UFC gold against Jose Aldo.

The August 3 date has yet to be officially announced for an event by the promotion and a location is also not available, but the title fight will likely be the headliner on the yet to be named fight card.

Jose Aldo last saw action this past weekend when he methodically outpointed former lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar to retain his UFC featherweight title. The win marked the first ever-former champion Aldo has beaten.

Pettis last saw action on the UFC on FOX 6 card when he easily took out Donald Cerrone early in the first round of action.


36 Responses to “Pettis Books Aldo Title Fight For August 3 | UFC NEWS”

  1. T.DADDY says:

    Aldo will ko this guy… Pettis is living off the Kick off the cage… He can’t beat a wrestler…. Guida would kick his ass again

    • u watch boi says:

      he just doesn’t have the takedown defense that aldo has. pettis has never lost on stand up and aldo lost
      the last two rounds against edgar. guida won a point wrestling match, but on stand up would get destroyed. sounds like you dont watch pettis fights. he finished his last two fights in the first round with his left leg

      • AUGUST ?????? says:

        Pettis fought for like, what, 2 minutes. Aldo came out of his fight virtually unscathed (well, I really don’t know, but he wasn’t on the medical suspension list and he looked great at the post-fight conference), BUT they will have SIX MONTHS to prepare???? WTF…how ’bout sometime in June???

        • BRYANT says:

          how bout its Pettis first cut to 145 lets give the guy a couple months to adjust to the weight and a few months to train. Then maybe patience will bring a effin fight for the ages.DER!!!! Pettis cuts to 155 give him props for wanting the stand up match of this era, and let him get there healthy and mean. JUST SAYIN. PATIENCE AINT SOMTHING THA GOES ON YER STEAK…

        • Has nothing to do with patience says:

          If your view is true, which is doubtful because the UFC has been scheduling Aldo every six months or so anyway, why give the CHALLENGER that much respect? I did see a UFC 156 promo that began with FRANKIE EDGAR highlights shown first, which was a huge diss on Aldo (the promo was removed). Then the UFC began showing the promo with Edgar saying “I heard all of that…before…,” another diss (let’s see them run a promo against Anderson Silva like that!) Edgar is the UFC’s “teacher’s pet” dude, and is sickening.
          But if the Aldo-Pettis fight is forecasted to be in Aug when there is no event scheduled just so that Pettis can acclimate himself to 145, well, that’s just another diss on Aldo, which the UFC has no shame in doing.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      He beat up Henderson…that’s not a wrestler? c’mon Rookie.

  2. 123 says:

    now that’s a superfight, i can’t wait.. this is a better fight than anderson silva vs jon jones.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Lamas got shafted. Not only would Pettis have a hard time with lamas but Edgar would put him on his ass just as well. He should of stayed at 155

  4. nux says:

    Aldo had beaten former and current champions in Faber and Brown, so this was not his first.

  5. m says:

    Superfight! Solid matchup. I like Pettis’ eagerness to get the gold.

  6. GG says:

    Didn’t Aldo fight Faber when he was the fmr. featherweight WEC champ? but I like this match up should be interesting and I think Pettis is bigger and faster and push the pace a bit more than Edgar.

  7. HungSolo says:

    I’d agree this could turn into a Super fight, both fighters are young, fast and hungry! Damn I might have to get tickets for this.

  8. Inyoface says:

    I think he should stay in lighweight and fight Nick Diaz or something like that.

  9. dam says:

    you pettis haters are talking his loses to NONDAMAGING WRESTLERS. pettis hasn’t lost because of striking yet and i think has better kick timing then aldo. last i checked aldo is NOT a boring fighter who lays on people, this is gonna be a stand up war.

  10. 123 says:

    i agree 100%.. you bunch of mushrooms

  11. Sasquatch says:

    Sweet!, this will be a crazy stand up war!… until Aldo has had enough and starts going for take downs.

  12. upkick says:

    aldo is one of the most underrated fights in the ufc, this fight will be very interesting much more than frankie (the jacked up rabbit try to enough to sway the judges for a win) edgar but i dont think anyone will be doing any dominating however that being said i see aldo winning with a ko/tko via a nicely timed counter.

  13. Not You says:

    Good stuff UFC. This is EXACTLY the fight I wanted to see. (Just joking it’s not) Why doesn’t Pettis want Bendo anymore? He’s right there at a title shot at LW. Why does he want to go down and try to beat up the smaller man in Aldo? Fight Bendo and prove you are the best at LW.

    • You Dummy says:

      Bendo’s fighting Gilbert, so why should Pettis wait that long, moron…I’m sure Aldo is shaking in his maracas because Pettis is dropping down (sarcasm, idiot)..

      • Not You says:

        Why should Lamas/Jung wait because Pettis phone called his way to a title shot?

        • Jay says:

          Gilbert fight deal is done. It would have to be after that and he probably like the style of fight (team mate) better against aldo than taking on Bendo. With Koch losing to Lamas he doesn’t have to worrying on stepping on his toes either.
          Chang is still injured and will be out for a while. They chose Pettis over Lamas. No big deal. Pettis’s lightweight record is about as good as Lamas’s but it’s a weight class above and they probably like that matchup better.

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        You racist rude pos. You don’t need to call him a moron. And Brazil =/= Mexico where one would find maracas.

        ON-TOPIC: They were probably so indebted to Gilbert for sticking with SF so long they had to give him a title shot. But Pettis was more than deserving (should’ve got a title shot at Edgar way back after WEC merged), so they said we can’t give you Bendo, but you want a Championship? Try Aldo.

        • My mistake says:

          I rescind my statement about maracas. Wish there was a delete button.

        • Mayor, You Dummy says:

          Maracas are found all over South America, INCLUDING BRAZIL, you moron. If you had ever ventured outside of the US, you would know this. And racist? Maracas??? You’re an idiot too! Slap your momma for not letting you outside your house, Mayor Dumbass! Aldo is one of my favorite fighters. Pettis is a badass… Should be a great fight. And why should Pettis get the fight over the Korean Zombie and Lamas? BECAUSE DANA SAID SO. So sorry if your feelings are hurt. “Toughen up, Buttercup!” lol.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          Nice late response. I already said I take that back. And I’ve been everywhere in the world except for South America; so good job coming back and being prejudiced against Americans (which you didn’t even know I was from). And my feelings were never hurt, I just don’t like people like you. Also good job not even understanding that I like Pettis and want him to have the title shot.

        • Mayor, You Dummy says:

          I know you are from the U.S. How do I know? Your Engrish is piss poor (you are not from “Americans,” dummy, it’s America).
          And I don’t give a rat’s ass if you love Pettis, or donkeys, or whatever. You must be in some form of militia, yes? That’s why you say that you’ve been all over the world “except South America.” What donkey would make a claim like that??? Oh yeah….YOU!

  14. confucius says:

    i wouldnt call the 145 division Ripe. If anything it sucks and is not deep enough. If you dont buy that ask florian & edgar who had to come down a weight class to fight Aldo. Now lets add a third, Pettis. If anything Aldo needs to fight in a division with better competition because in my opinion the LW is the most stacked in the UFC. the 145 division was and prob never will be at the level of the 155ers

  15. Drew says:

    Pettis took out cerrone with two kicks in the same spot, this is going to be a war

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