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Wednesday, 02/06/2013, 10:29 am

Pettis: Aldo Tougher For Opponent Than Ben Henderson | UFC NEWS

“He’s good where I’m good — he likes to stand, trade and bang, and I feel like I’m more well-rounded and can offer him a big challenge…. Aldo is a tougher fight [than Ben Henderson] … that’s why I asked for it. He’s going through opponents like crazy. He just beat the last 155-pound champion. I think, for me, Aldo is definitely the tougher challenge. I already beat Ben Henderson once and I think I’m going to be doing it again soon. But, I think Aldo is the guy who is on the radar.”

“It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. I can make the weight easily. The reason why I haven’t done it before was Erik Koch — he’s a teammate of mine who was right up there for a title shot, so, I don’t want to cross paths with him so I pushed that back a little bit. But, after being at the fights, I thought it was the right idea to call out Aldo — he’s at the top of the division and he’s probably one of the best guys in the 145 to 155 pounds range. So, or me, it was just wanting to fight the best. It’s been awhile since [I last weighed 145 pounds]. Getting down to 155 was kind of hard for me until I got on a clean diet. It’s becoming a lot easier — my last fight I went into the hot tub for two minute and made weight.”

– Anthony Pettis via FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight.


17 Responses to “Pettis: Aldo Tougher For Opponent Than Ben Henderson | UFC NEWS”

  1. magoo says:

    I believe Showtimes right…..just ask Frankie Edgar!

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Learn some takedown defense scrub…

  3. Advent says:

    Why you try to take him down, scrub…

  4. Boring says:

    I think Guida Laid down the blueprint on how to beat Pettis so a stand up fight with Aldo would be better option for him cos Aldo likes to stand (Although I think Aldo will win it).If he did fight Henderson I think Henderson would win this time as he would use his superior wrestling and Pettis knows this.Either way there is a possibility of some great entertaining fights for 2013!!

  5. Dan Jenkins says:

    Good match up although I think Aldo will win I don’t believe there’s a blueprint to beat anyone there are strengths and weaknesses in everyone’s game that’s why people train as if Pettis hasn’t worked on his takedown defense since the Guida fight

  6. KIDD433 says:

    I agree with Pettis on this.Aldo is a tougher Match up and should be a more entertaining fight.Honestly,I think Pettis has the upper hand on this one,both ruthless strikers,but Pettis has the edge because he’s more diverse.He can switch and exchange in both stance very well,and can mix it up with the taekwondo backround.It’s been working very well for him so far.

  7. squid says:

    gonna be a good fight. cant wait for this one. and for those talking about pettis’ takedown defense, look who was in his corner in his last fight against cowboy cerrone… ben askren. this one aint going to the ground til someone gets knocked there in the first place!

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