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Wednesday, 08/15/2012, 09:31 am

Penn vs. MacDonald Official For UFC on FOX 5 Dec. 8 | UFC NEWS

The welterweight bout MMA fans have been clamoring for has been rebooked for the UFC’s fifth-stint on FOX TV set for December 8.

Originally scheduled for UFC 152, Penn vs. MacDonald was forced into a holding pattern after MacDonald announced a training injury (cut) and was forced to withdraw from the bout.

Now the two welterweights will square off on the big stage this December when the UFC returns to FOX.

Headlined by a main event between Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz, UFC on FOX 5 will go down at a yet to be announced venue on December 8. The co-main event of the evening features a light-heavyweight bout between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Alexander Gustafsson.


44 Responses to “Penn vs. MacDonald Official For UFC on FOX 5 Dec. 8 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Drew says:

    Bj by motherfuckn murder

  2. Jonny Smith says:

    So it’s settled then, UFC on FOX 5 will be awesome.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    So many fighters i have a chip against are going to get Finished this card!
    Rory you are going down!
    Benson! you’re not the Champion!

  4. low expectations says:

    I doubt Penn will take the extra time to get in the kind of shape a pro should be in for this fight. I predict a fat, flat-footed tired lazy BJ for this fight. Just like he always is at 170.

    MacDonald by TKO in the third.

  5. Bd says:

    I hope bj gets in phenomenal shape .. But he always let’s his fans down .. Unless he knocks him out in the opening exchange

    • low expectations says:

      I get excited when he fights at 155. But for 170 I have come to expect that he is in just horrid shape. He does not have to lose weight so he has no reason to train. I mean, he has great BJJ and Boxing so why would he have to train right… He has not evolved other than learning a few takedowns via Hughes but other than that he is stagnent in his MMA skills. He has great skills for what he knows but he is not moving forward by any means. And that does not carry in this day and age off MMA to bigger wieght classes.

      When will he get tired of gettting beat up just so he can say he wanted the challenge?

      It is just TOO EASY to go and fight people who are bigger faster and stronger than you and lose and use the exuses that he does every time than to be in shape and dominate a division. 155 is too hard for him and too much work for him to hold down and he is too lazy to do it. So take the easy road and if he loses he can just chock it up to being in a wight class that he should not be in. And say that he is a warrior and yadda yadda.

      He will not beat MacDonald. He will not beat anybody else at 170 ever again. Sad but true.

      He could be the champ at 155 IMO still if he worked hard. But nope. Too fucking lazy.

      Good for you Penn. Fight guys and lose and blame it all on size advantage. You know that going into the fight so don’t fall back on that bullshit excuse. You are just oo lazy.

      What a waste of skills.

      • allmightysandman says:

        You should troll elswhere man.

        IF you had an actual opinion on this fight or card, probably better to simply say what you gotta say and carry on with the conversation.

        Disrespecting BJ on his own website is not cool and you should rethink your tactics.

      • A.James says:

        So why are you on

      • DARTHVADER says:

        I agree with you. All of BJ’s fans are going to hate you know and cool you a troll and blah blah blah. But what you are saying is true. He could be a fuking beast if he actually cared. Stop fighting at 170, he is to small. I would love to see a motivated bj at 155 or 145.

        BJ vs Aldo would be fun as hell to watch. BJ vs Benson would be fun to watch.

        But we will never see that.

        • allmightysandman says:

          ha ha ha…don’t even try to have an opinion if you’re not going to agree with the maniacal portion of the posters here…if you don’t say that BJ can topple buildings and walk on water then you are an idiot! lol

        • Yo says:

          Yeah well some of us remember your dumbass opinions from the past and now you tryna clean it up acting like you got that good moral shit now lol,you still the same old fart sandman talking shit waiting to troll at every chance you got.Go ahead and play dumb.Dont be mad at me you bi polar.

      • Yo says:

        Keyboard warrior/lazy bum is in da hizzouse telling the Champ like it issss….You would prob meet BJ and be like “I love you BJ,your my idol,I ALWAYS knew you was the best” all with sweaty hands shaking in your high heels lol.You know I’m right ya bum.

  6. Diaz bro says:

    What a sick card, I got DIAZ, Gufsterson, and Rory, Bj is a 155 lb fighter, and he lacks the size or cardio, he would have to show up in phenomenal shape to have a chance, I love Bj , but he needs to get serious about a run at 155, If he put his soul into it he could be champ again, and Fuck Fitch, Bj has heart for days, a true coward, man jumps his opponents with his head blurred in there chest , dropping pillow fists.

  7. rcs says:

    hope somebody knocks on wood. This card is to good to be true.

  8. DARTHVADER says:

    This card is already sick. Hopefully no injuries to these 6 guys. Please no injuries.

    Diaz wins tko rd 4
    Gustafson or however thats spelled by tko rd 3
    Rory by rape

  9. A. Chung says:

    I am excited for this fight; however, the question on my mind is if BJ and Rory are still going with VDA, or did Roid Head Rory backed out?

  10. allmightysandman says:

    this is an awesome card!!

    The fool that thinks shogun is still dominant is a gem!! lol…he’s maybe not done, but he’s sure no shogun anymore…we should start calling him mauricio now.

    If BJ comes into it in shape and with a good plan he can definitely win, but if he takes Rory lightly or isn’t in peak condition it could go Rory’s way.

    should be sick if both guys show up!

    • Yo says:

      Shut up, you hoping BJ comes outta shape you loser lol.

      • allmightysandman says:

        ha ha ha…nervous?

        I don’t disrespect BJ at all! not once…I gave my opinion whiner.

        You think there is only one POSSIBLE way the fight can go? you think there is only one POSSIBLE outcome?


        • ctyn says:

          Shoot, I am nervous already. Just hope BJ can pull off the win. What a great card too.

        • allmightysandman says:

          really good looking card for sure!

          BJ / Rory could easily be fight of the night on any card!

        • Yo says:

          How does that sound like I’m nervous?,typical sandman tactics,always stretching the truth.You hoping BJ comes in outta shape so you can talk shit after the fight like you always do.hahah you know im right,go ahead deny it liar.

  11. Ku says:

    So rory has a chance to clean up prolly going to come in on a level playing field and get smoked. Bj by blood licken KO

  12. T.DADDY says:

    Wow that’s all I can say

  13. Rondo says:

    Shoulda took another fight while you had the chance,Rorys a beast and you’ll find that out december 8th just sayin!

  14. Xaninho says:

    Roidy CrackDonald is going to get beat up real bad by the hands of The Prodigy!

  15. jesus korean says:

    holy fuck this is awesome!!!

  16. A.James says:

    BJ is a world beater. Everyone forgets. He’s going to have to remind us all.

  17. low expectations says:

    Some of you people are idiots. “why are you on his site then”? I don’t have to think he is going to win every fight and I don’t have to share the same opinion with everybody. Penn cannot beat any top 5 guys in WW coming in the condition that he does for all his WW fights. It is a fact. Don’t be mad at me because of his career decisions.

    I love his fights at LW. I still think he can be champ at LW. If Maynard can put edgar on his ass then Penn could do it if he actually tried. But Penn would finish him right after that. I think Penn would hurt Henderson and submit him too.

    How does that make me a troll if I think he’ll get worked over at WW because he is too lazy?

    Nut huggers. Pull the sacks off your eyes and take a breath.

  18. Welp says:

    Well, apparently several people care…

    But onto the topic:

    I think Penn could win this fight with MacDonald if he is motivated and trades in some of the pudge for muscle. And just works his cardio. Penn’s skill set is top notch. He just needs to stay sharp and he will hurt Rory bad.

    But I am not sure if that Penn will show up.

    But what that other guy said about him being a beast at 155; I agree. He would be baddass back at 155. There are new people to talk shit to him and He could put up good scraps agains Diaz, Maynard, Pettis, Cerrone!

    But this 170 thing needs to stop. If he beats Rory then great but I don’t think he’ll beat anybody else in the top ranks.

  19. TICIVC says:

    bj is the man. talk all the shit you want he has nothing to prove anymore hes done more for this sport than any of you shit talking scrubs will. waste of talent? hes in the hall of fame and a 2 division champ how is that a waste win or lose bj is one of the best ever!

    • allmightysandman says:

      well, no actually he’s not….yet. He will be for sure.

      BJ is one of the best ever, no one can dispute that.

      …and just because he’s one of the best ever, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t take Rory seriously. If you think there is no possible way that BJ can lose then you are a fool.

      The fight could go either way: BJ could KO Rory, or Rory could TKO him…the longer it goes the better for Rory, the quicker BJ gets his hands on Rory the better for BJ….should be awesome.

      (Yo = nervous lying bitch)

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