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Thursday, 10/03/2013, 12:43 pm

Penn In Talks With Mike Dolce To Help Make 145 Pound Division

“I’m bringing in one of my old coaches, Nova Uniao founder Andre Pederneiras, who gave me my black belt, to train me again. I’m also talking to Mike Dolce to help me make weight. I’m making changes to my camp, but keeping the core for values. I’m going to train with Jose Aldo. I’m hooking up with my roots and getting some great training for this fight. I’m coming to beat Frankie Edgar.”

During his brief stint on last night’s UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1, BJ Penn announced that he is in talks with famed nutritionist, Mike Dolce, to help him make the two-division adjustment down to 145 pounds.

A new camp, new training partners, new coaches and a new diet plan, is Penn on the right track leading into his third contest with Frankie Edgar?


0 Responses to “Penn In Talks With Mike Dolce To Help Make 145 Pound Division”

  1. EP says:


    BJ PENN ,,, Return of the Legend! No way in fkn hell Penn loses this fight. Means to much for his legacy.


    • squid says:

      i remember saying RIP Frankie the first AND second time he fought BJ … and i ended up eating my words. I love BJ and i hope he wins by KO, but never count out Frankie

    • nats871 says:

      Edgars got this. Sorry, everyone and their mom is going for BJ, had to say it. But its true, Edgar haters will eat their own words again, never fails.

  2. RVCA361 says:

    War Penn ! Def on the right track.

  3. mean170 says:

    The nice thing about BJ fighting at 145 is he’s got no choice but to be in shape. As far as the fight goes I’d like to see BJ take it to the ground. FE moves too much to get solid punches put on him, and we’ve seen how much credit the judges give him for jumping in and throwing those little combos. Take him down and beat him up BJ.

    • vba says:

      Hey Bro your wrong there. He didn’t get to much credit for his movement in the two fights with Ben, Aldo, or the second fight with Maynard. C’mon man FE is a warrior and brings his undersized self to battle every time. FE is a badass. It’s probably good he is fighting BJ. If the weight issue was settled with Faber I think he would have been too tough for Faber. As far as BJ goes I love him but he got nothing for FE . He is going to get beat in this one.

  4. squid says:

    mike dolce, training @ nova uniao with aldo, barao and dede – hell yeah this sounds real good! bring back marinovich bj! u’ll be a beast for sure

  5. MJ says:

    Frankie never finished BJ… At 145 Frankie is no faster, BJ is… GO BJ, KO this little mouth!!!

  6. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Honestly I was just a little nervous about the fight until I read this. As far as I’m concerned the fight is won for BJ; Dolce is an incredible master of the weight cut and nutrition and NOVA UNIAO already has a gameplan that beat Frankie (albeit a close but clear cut decision) WAR PENN

  7. ^ says:

    Well he does seem to be making all the right decisions for this camp, but i was on Team Penn since the start anyway.

  8. BJpennrules says:

    Good bye Frankie!

    • vba says:

      Dreaming fellas . Aldo and company can train him all that you want, but can’t fight the fight for him. Penn is awesome and one of my favorites, but the layoff, weight issue, and the beat downs he has taken recently add up to the same result

  9. 757 says:

    Not to mention that Maynard trained with Aldo’s camp before FE knocked his ass out

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