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Tuesday, 09/17/2013, 04:29 pm

Penn Brings in Nova Uniao Founder Andre Pederneiras as Part of TUF 19 Coaching Staff

Famed Brazilian coach and leader of Brazil’s talent rich Nova Uniao team, Andre Pederneiras, has been brought in by BJ Penn to assist in the coaching responsibilities of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 19: Penn vs. Edgar’ reality series.

“I am honored to have Andre as part of the team,” Penn told BJPENN.COM. 

Andre Pederneiras currently coaches 11 active UFC fighters, including Jose Aldo and Renan Barao who both hold UFC titles.

Through the success of his athletes, the Nova Uniao boss has quickly risen through the coaching ranks as one of the worlds best and most sought after trainers and strategists.

“It was a honor to receive this invitation,” Pederneiras told the Brazilian media. “BJ and his brother are really close. He is really excited and motivated with his fight against Edgar. It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to show my work as a coach to the audience outside of Brazil, which is not used to see my work closely.”

Penn will coach the UFC’s hit reality show for the second time in his career. This time, his career nemesis, Frankie Edgar, will be his coaching opposite and the two former-champs will face off for a third time at a yet to be determined event tentatively set for April of 2014.

‘The Ultimate Fighter 19: Penn vs. Edgar’ will debut sometime in January on Fox Sports 1.


2 Responses to “Penn Brings in Nova Uniao Founder Andre Pederneiras as Part of TUF 19 Coaching Staff”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    If he’s doing the whole camp with Nova Uniao then Frankie might as well just give in now. Not everyone might agree with me but still.

    • scotty says:

      I dont think BJ will go to Brazil to do a whole fight camp.. Possibly go down there for a few weeks unless he is completely 100% dedicated and realizes he needs to leave Hawaii plus his family to train.. Would be interesting to see what he does, be awesome to see him go to Nova for a whole fight camp but then again thee could be the conflict of, if BJ’s beats Edgar and wants to stay at 145, he will want to fight for the belt which he would have to fight Aldo.. Im really interested to see what BJ does for his camp this time around and hope he leaves hawaii!

      • squid says:

        i agree with everything you said. the big question is: what does dede pedernerias think about bj going to 145? surely he must know that if bj beats edgar, a clash with his prized student aldo is a definite possibility

        • krafty11 says:

          Aldo will prob move up to 155 before he would have a chance to face BJ. just a guess, but i dont think those two will ever fight..

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          I’m with krafty on that one. Aldo is moving up soon, so no conflict of interest.

        • scotty says:

          Krafty and Dutchman u could be right.. BJ and Edgar arent going to fight til 2014, Aldo will prolly defend his belt one more time at 145 and possibly try to fight Pettis.. But who knows, Dana has away with words to where he could tell Aldo to see what happens between Bj and Edgar before making a move to 155.. Cause we all know if BJ does beat Edgar and wants to stay at 145 for a title shot, Dana will pass everyone in contention and give BJ the shot!

  2. Roberto Abusada says:



  3. nats871 says:

    People already talking like he beat Edgar, typical….

  4. hanibal says:

    great decision bj :)
    I hope he moves to brazil does a full training camp and a test cut, comes back to do the show, relaxes just a little bit, then goes again to brazil for the final preparation and another three month full training camp before the fight..

    I also think it’s a possibility that bj will be the one to go up to light weight after this fight, but who knows?
    the most important thing though is to be prepared for this very dynamic and tough fighter who never commits in his striking or wrestling which make him very difficult to beat.. prepare to cut the cage follow him around no matter how much he runs and blast through him with fast explosive strikes and relentless takedowns to a very heavy top game and hopefully a submission.. you MUST be the aggressor in every minute of this fight and make sure you have the conditioning for it as well..

    lets go bj

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