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Friday, 01/31/2014, 09:41 am

Pena Teammate Sam Sicilia Sticks Up For Team: “She wasn’t assaulted”

News surfaced this week that former Ultimate Fighter contestant Julianna Pena suffered a horrific injury during training that resulted in the WMMA star tearing her ACL, MCL, LCL, meniscus, and hamstring.

Pena spoke on the phone with Dana White shortly after the injury and explained to the UFC President a terrible incident bordering on an assault charge which White described as The most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Pena is expected to be out for up to 2 years. Today her teammate, another TUF veteran, Sam Sicilia sounded off on Pena’s injury to Bleacher Report saying:

“No, she wasn’t assaulted, I guess she was at the gym, just lifting, and she went from there to go grapple. I don’t know if she didn’t warm up or what her deal was, but the guy she goes with, he’s one of those little 35 pounders, and I guess they were just training, and he had her up against the cage and then jumped on her back to get his hooks in. I think she went for a switch or something, and it was just bad. He’s a little power pellet, you know? So, he’s a little buff guy. I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard it from everybody—what happened. It definitely wasn’t assault or anything like that.”

That story conflicts heavily with the one Pena told White, who recounted the story to media members saying:

“It’s the worst injury I’ve ever heard of, ever, in this sport, and you hear about those types of injuries in football. Apparently, when she came into the gym — and again, she was hysterical when I talked to her, crying — she was training in her gym and one of her training partners, a guy, was saying to her, ‘oh, you’re wearing your Ultimate Fighter shirt, we’re real scared.’ He says that and was talking smack to her and then basically attacked her.

“He jumped on her back, started cranking her neck, and the way she fell her knee blew out. The most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life. A year-and-a-half to two years she’ll be out, and I told her to leave that disgusting gym and go somewhere else with new coaches, new training partners, whatever. And that’s all I know.”

White went on to comment about the conflicting stories saying:

“That’s so far from the story she told me right after it happened when she was hysterically crying,” said White. “Completely opposite. … Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. You know what I mean?”


0 Responses to “Pena Teammate Sam Sicilia Sticks Up For Team: “She wasn’t assaulted””

  1. magoo says:

    Her nickname says it all!

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I want to know who that little 35er is? That dude needs to get into the witness protection program…better watch his back, I’m thinking he’s gonna get a beating soon. I know if it was my girlfriend, sister, cousin, 2nd cousin, 3rd cousin, friend, a friend of a friend, a friend 6 degrees removed, I’d beat his ass if he crossed my path… Magoo I’d like to fight you, it would be fun.

  3. Xaninho says:

    “I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard it from everybody—what happened. It definitely wasn’t assault or anything like that.” So he wasn’t even there, but he’s sure it wasn’t anything like that……If Pena told White it happened that way I am inclined to believe her rather than some guy who wasn’t there and is just repeating what the attacker said.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I agree with you on this one. Sicilia is covering for something. I hope Pena is not blowing this out of proportion for UFC sympathy. I wont even roll with these tiny women in gyms. They are tough but to fragile for a male.

  4. magoo says:

    Micheal Chiesa and Sam Sicilia both have said it wasn’t assault, it was a training accident,I know shoot first and ask questions later…. right gargoyle!…smh

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Sicilia wasn’t even there by his own words and do you think Chiesa watched the whole situtation unfold? What makes you think that they are just covering out of loyalty to the gym and Little. Little is tying to protect his gym. Pena told White that he was being sarcastic and threatening to her about being the TUF winner. You think that intimidation lends for this little douche to look out for her or do you think he wanted to prove he’s a badass by choking out the TUF girl? So, you have to believe that Pena was lying about it then. Use your brain magoo. She was abused by this little twirp and it went bad. So yah, all the questions have been asked and its time to shoot!!! Period

      • Urdumbgargoyle says:

        I truely doubt that some male mma fighter wanted to prove hes tough by choking out a female that made it onto T.V. Pena has always been about drama, she probably got injured and freaked out about missing her chance in the ufc and so she made up some story to make white feel sympathetic.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Well that’s the other side of the coin. But let’s break this down logically shall we douchebag. Let’s say Pena is exaggerating and trying to throw this dude under the bus and get sympathy from White. She felt that she was attacked. Do you think she lied? It was done to her dummy she didn’t jump on this dudes back. So wake up. But even she embellished this it still doesn’t excuse the little twirp jumping on her back and cranking her neck. Man when we spare, I never crank hard to badass dudes its just to show I can beat him and could do it as a training experience. For this little cocksucker to actually jump on her and go at it hard, tells me he abused her. Don’t you think there is something wrong with a strong male going hard on a woman?? The dude is a little jealous fucking bully.

  5. hydra says:

    I’d take that f**kers knee out with a baseball bat if I was her and that’s what really happened. Eye for an eye, knee for a knee.

  6. Trev morseu says:

    Why would she make something like that up, what has she got to gain from this. She has just suffered a injury that is going to leave her out of the UFC for 2 years, there is no gain from this all from what I can see. And remember jealously plays a big part in fighters, maybe home boy was jealous of her success and didn’t like the trash talk Pena was dishing out especially if he’s not able to keep up with her wit!

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