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Thursday, 01/30/2014, 06:19 am

Pena Teammate Defends Gym To White, Puts Injury Blame Elsewhere

Dana White is ‘disgusted’ with the team and training camp of TUF winner, Julianna Pena.

The top 10 female bantamweight is not only injured, but apparently she’s out for about two-years with a really damaged knee she suffered in training.

White called for her to find a new training home on twitter, but one of her teammates, Rick Little, fired back.

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21 Responses to “Pena Teammate Defends Gym To White, Puts Injury Blame Elsewhere”

  1. monkeyseemonkeydo says:

    Interesting indeed and true, although don´t play with fire rick little…

    DW is one nasty person and will take sh-t personally and then what?
    You know what I mean, tha man (DW is unstable and treat you hard working fighters like sh-t whenever he´s in a bad mood or just feel like it and wanna put blame somewhere??

    GSP was all gold for a long period of time and never fired back at DW not even when feeling slightly wrongly treated, he was correct and we all know the sport is full of cheaters and so easy to fake a urine sample have done it myself lots and lots of times in my younger days, especially in certain countries outside US (like Brazil) not joking. Although this does not apply to Vitor Belfort obviously, he always play fair he just like to fight in Brazil that´s it roflol

    • seminalcacti says:

      was GSP all “gold” when he greased up for vs BJPenn 2? Would you be mad if you invested your money into a brand new car and found out it’s a lemon? DW is a fight promoter and Pena is a recently contracted fighter… now if that fighter that you invested in cannot give you any returns for 2 years, you wouldn’t be mad?

      • Rick Liljenberg says:

        And what “investment” would that be?

        • seminalcacti says:

          the “investment” is the six figure contract. there’s costs associated with fight promotions, paying venues, employees, etc,,…. and the money is “earned” back by the contracted fighters putting on a “fight/show” to bring in the money thru ticket sells and ppv buys to pay all the expenses. do you know about running a business or you are just really that naive to how a business is run?

        • Rick Liljenberg says:

          You’re obviously the one who doesn’t know how to run a business. The six figure contact? You mean the work for hire agreement in which the fighter is paid to show up capable to fight and is then paid for the fight. This occurs one fought at a time. Zero money had been invested into her at all at this point. Her “6 figure” contract I would assume is the same the other UF winners get.. which is 100k over 6-10 fights. That’s over the entire amount,not per fight. Aside from that, the UFC is so established now that they have rolled over any and all real “investments” hundreds of times over. This means even 1 million used to promote an event is not a loss. They have no true investment in at this point, as they rolled over into purely gains a long time ago. Not to mention the gate alone at each fight is enough to cover overhead. Then there is ppv buys, merchandise, event sponsors and fighters sponsors. Did you not know the UFC doesn’t allow individual private sponsorships. when a fighter gets sponsored the sponsor has already paid the UFC to be allowed in the cage and to sponsor a particular fighter. The ufc dictates the contract and then gives the fighter a percentage cut. Then there is the Fox deal in which Fox promotes the UFC and then pays the UFC for that promotion and to feature fights and specials. There’s a lot more to it than that as well. .. Next time you try to be smart in a subject don’t come at someone proficient in that subject. I write contractual law and come from multiple families of successful business men. .
          Let’s also not forget that the money would be spent on the event anyway, the show must go on and it will. With what she’d get paid and money spent showing her face, they’ll still average out on the event to bank multiple millions off each fighter, above overhead. Meanwhile she’ll get 20 k and spend half on her overhead. Do that 3x in a year and she makes 30 – 40k off fights in a year, at this point. While the UFC would probably average between 5-10 million in profit off her in a fiscal year.

        • seminalcacti says:

          did you get hit in the head? what do you mean ZERO money has been invested? were people working for free behind the scenes and production of TUF?

        • Vince Vuong says:

          are you serious? is your skull that thick?

  2. magoo says:

    There goes Dana again crying like a baby bitch, injuries happen when you train hard bozo. We know you wanted to promote her, you’ll just have to wait. Imagine how she must feel, oh yea I forgot the only one Dana cares about is Dana!

  3. Trillstar says:

    Dana should just sit back and collect all the money. She still has to make all the appearances, fulfill all the monetary obligations, and she doesn’t have to fight or prove herself for two years. Therefore, her reign is solidified. She’s a golden nugget on a platter, Dana. Promote her on crutches.

    • XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

      meanwhile she gets no sponsors and has no growth…she actually will be losing ground by the minute

      • Trillstar says:

        She is first to market. She will forever be the first female UFC winner. That is historical. She can sit down for the rest of her life and go on a college lecture circuit. She is SET. It would be wise for Dana White to get that ass for eternity, but he probably won’t.

        • seminalcacti says:

          I can tell you’ve never run a business and never will. prove me wrong and start a business with your approach and see how fast you go into debt with your fairytale approach to making profits.

        • Trillstar says:

          I’ve managed people, tho. And people and businesses are two different things. Dana manages a business. Unfortunately, he’s not good with people and fails to see the hidden opportunities that are right there in front of his face.

        • seminalcacti says:

          You obviously don’t know DW’s background/history. DW was managing fighters before he became the pres of UFC. Yes he’s running a biz but that biz entails “people” fighting. If there’s no “people” fighting,,,.. there’s no biz. DW does see opportunities that’s why he’s invested so much of his time and efforts into the UFC when it was bankrupt. business is about making profits.. in the business of “people” fighting…. if they’re not fighting… there’s no profit.. period.

        • Trillstar says:

          For all DW’s management capabilities, he’s doing a piss poor job of maintaining goodwill with his “employees.” Maybe the bottom line has gotten to him? Either way, he should recognize that an injured UFC women’s winner is not a bad thing. Imagine if she was completely healthy, then he promoted her, and she lost her next fight? Her value plummets in every way. With her sitting injured, she maintains all of her endorsements and she is available to fulfill all other contractual obligations that he sees fit.

  4. XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

    a guy in her gym attacked her

  5. ron says:

    what are you talking about Dick Little? fix your grammar idiot.

  6. Vince Vuong says:

    DW should give her an ultimatum: Change gyms or get fired, send Dick Little a message, and get him to stfu and know his place. 😀 aww yeh. monopoly ftw.

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