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Tuesday, 02/28/2012, 01:42 pm

Paul Daley Wants To Rematch Woodley For The Vacant Strikeforce Title

“Real fighters let the fight evolve in whichever way it should go, and they fight to finish, not stall…..real lions go for the kill. I beat Woodley in my opinion, so it wasn’t that frustrating. He fought a scared fight and was tired by the second round. I feel bad that the referee’s decisions gave him the win in the judges’ eyes. Three minutes of inactivity on the floor…that’s not scoring points, and it certainly ain’t entertaining for the fans, who all cheered when it was stood back up. After this fight, the only fight I should be offered is a rematch with Tyrone Woodley for the welterweight belt. It (the division) is interesting, but I think I am the only real character left, now that Nick Diaz has gone.”

UK fighter Paul Daley would like to revisit one of the most boring fights in MMA history against Tryon Woodley in an attempt to take the vacant Strikeforce welterweight title abandoned by Nick Diaz when he defected to the UFC.

However if rumor holds true it will be Nate Marquardt who gets the shot against Woodley to determine who will hold the Strikeforce belt.


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11 Responses to “Paul Daley Wants To Rematch Woodley For The Vacant Strikeforce Title”

  1. Sweet game plan says:

    Daily, your following Tim Sylvia ‘s footsteps…don’t beat around the bush and call out fighters just say what you mean. If I can’t fight in the UFC, please let me in strikeforce, this Banma shit sucks !!!!

  2. DBKlein69 says:

    who gives a shit what paul daley wants

  3. shadow says:

    daley do not deserve it

  4. Coolguy says:

    Your such a tard .. Daley’s contract in strikeforce allows him to fight in other organizations .. He took to fights in smaller organizations to keep in shape because strikeforce had nothing to offer him at the time

  5. Dan says:

    Cool guy has hit nail on head, Daley was never cut from Strikeforce!, he fought with BAMMA to stay active!

  6. Bizzo says:

    It’s like two cockroaches fighting over a piece of shit in a garbage dump. Who cares?

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