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Friday, 10/07/2011, 07:58 am

Paul Daley Training With GSP, Wants Nick Diaz Rematch In UFC

“If Lorenzo (Fertitta) came to me and said, ‘What you did we can look past that. Would you like to come back to the UFC?’ I just want everyone to be clear that yeah, I’ve got nothing personal against the UFC, and I do think they are a great organization… Me and Andre Winner will be linking up with the champion himself, Georges St-Pierre, who’s a good friend of Andre Winner’s now, and I’ll be doing the last bit of prep at Tristar… I’ve spoken to a lot of people. A rematch with Nick Diaz, with the UFC’s marketing power – with FOX and everything now – I think they can market the rematch with Nick Diaz if he falls against B.J. Penn really, really well. I just want to put the idea out there.”

While on radio, British fighter, Paul Daley revealed that he is getting ready to join his UK brothers over at Tri-Star gym to train alongside GSP.

Dan Hardy took the leap to Canada last month and apparently two of his teammates, Paul Daley and Andre Winner are now following his footsteps.

The optimistic Daley is still holding onto the fact that the UFC might take him back. While Dana White has said absolutely not, never again, they did let him fight under the Strikeforce banner without too much resistance.

Could a Paul Daley vs. Nick Diaz rematch be in the future under the UFC banner?


18 Responses to “Paul Daley Training With GSP, Wants Nick Diaz Rematch In UFC”

  1. King says:

    I doubt he’ll be back in the UFC. I don’t think they miss him.

  2. Chris says:

    Even with the whole Koscheck thing put aside, has he really done anything as of late that warrants a contract?

  3. Xaninho says:

    At least he gives us a fight to see and not a dry hump party..He had Nick Diaz rocked but failed to capitalize on that and walked into a lucky shot of Diaz.

  4. David says:

    I definitely wouldn’t mind watching a Daley vs. Diaz rematch

  5. tim says:

    It all comes down to Dana and the weight of his original statement.. saying he will never fight in the UFC again.

    plus there are enough fights out there.. that he wont make a difference

  6. Greyhm says:

    Hes seeing dollar signs and is trying to use this to piggyback ride Diaz back into the ufc again. I personally have no interest in seeing a rematch.

  7. C-Roc says:

    Paul Daley brings an element of excitement to the ring in his Stand-up Game however if at some point he develops some sort of Ground Game or Ground Defense that would be great! That being said if others can spit at folks and make derogatory comments then Paul Daley deserves another shot. (It’s only fair!)

  8. soredogg says:

    He doesn’t have anything against the UFC?! What kind of a statement is that? Like the UFC wronged him in some way…he struck a guy after the bell and has the gull to say he has nothing against the UFC?!

    This guy is a joke….he should be kissing ass, apologizing, and generally begging for Dana to let him fight in the UFC again, instead he acts like the UFC gave him a bum deal.

    But Dana should stick to his guns on this one. I can understand letting some formerly banned folks back in the ring for other things, but there are just some things that do not deserve second chances, and the thought of punching someone in the face after the bell rings is one of those non-forgivable actions. Missing press conferences, taking performance enhancing drugs, etc only effect oneself, but being a sore loser and taking a cheap shot like that could have ended another fighters career and kept that opponent from putting food on his family’s table.

    If Daley makes an appearance on ANY card…that is one that I, for one, will plan on skipping.

  9. oyston says:

    Daley brings the fight he’s an exciting fighter and anybody who doesn’t agree needs to stop hating not one of you would stand with daley I would definitly watch an diaz vs daley rematch first fight was one of the best fights I’ve seen respect to diaz for standing where 99% of others would of gone for a boring decision (koscheck)

    • Chris says:

      The “none of you fans would fight him” argument means nothing. I wouldn’t want to strike with Matt Hughes either, but that doesn’t mean he’s an exceptional striker and is immune from criticism.

  10. David says:

    Hahaha paul i bet your sorry you fucked up now asshole! Good luck getting your rematch dumbass

  11. Chuck says:

    the most unprofessional POS in the world. He misses weight half the time, punches a guy after the match. Also, on middleeasy, he stated Koshcheck barely beat him. Last I checked, it was 30-27 all three judges. He thinks he is better than he is. The same ppl that defend this sorry turd prolly are the same ppl who love R.Kelly cause he sings really well. F that, Daley is a hobo.

  12. jay says:

    Paul Daley sucks. He has no business in the UFC. He would never be a contender.

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