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Thursday, 11/15/2012, 02:39 pm

Patrick Cote Issues Warning To GSP | UFC NEWS

“You always think you’re over [long layoffs from competition] In training you feel great. You feel 100 percent, you’re ready to go. [You think] It happens to everybody else except me. When the bell rings, you receive the first kick with no shin guard, you receive the first punch with four-ounce gloves instead of 16, and that’s the real thing. Now you try to adjust. ‘Next time I’m going to avoid that, move ahead.’ Bang. Next one, next one. After one minute, you receive 10 punches and didn’t land one. But the longer the fight goes, you adjust.”



10 Responses to “Patrick Cote Issues Warning To GSP | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dainn says:

    Patrick. Under-card.. Enough said…

  2. Tim says:

    STFU Patrick Cote. Like anyone cares about your advice.

  3. krafty11 says:

    obviously you two “experts” cared enough to leave a comment..He makes valid points..

  4. TheTude says:

    He is absolutely right, even though GSP is an exceptional fighter, those fights strikes are gonna sting, especially against a guy like COndit

  5. howezbjj says:

    Cote was a middleweight title challenger and was touted as te next big thing from Canada when he and gsp were coming up. Gasp has had a long layoff and to think that he’s going to jump back in and steamroll condit like nothing ever happened is absurd. This isn’t professional wrestling, names don’t win fights human beings do.

  6. Yo says:

    He was giving GSP helpful advice you douchebags

  7. Brandon K says:

    lol @ Cote giving Georges advice about getting hit and not being able to hit back… didn’t Patrick blow his own leg out taking a step towards Silva? ’nuff said, sit down son. GSP Striking > Cote Striking

  8. HelpMeRhonda says:

    Sounds like he decribing someone who shouldn’t be fighting in the UFC.

  9. KobeB says:

    The adjustment is needed for his sagging breasts.

  10. WileyCoyote says:

    GSP who? Let’s watch this coyote guy instead .. no thanks.

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