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Wednesday, 05/15/2013, 08:53 am

Pat Healy Loses $130K in Bonuses After Failed Drug Test


UFC lightweight and recent Strikeforce import, Pat ‘Bam Bam’ Healy has failed his post-fight drug test for marijuana and will forfeit his bonus money which adds up to $130,000. Healy won both ‘Fight of the Night’ and ‘Submission of the Night’ in his third round victory over Jim Miller on April 27th at UFC 159.

Healy’s management team, Iridium Sports Agency revealed to that he had failed his test and will have his win changed from a win to a No Contest.

Healy also came out with a prepared statement apologizing to the UFC and his fans for the failed test:

“I would like to start off by apologizing to the UFC, Jim Miller, the MMA community, it’s fans, my family, teammates and coaches for my positive testing for marijuana after my UFC 159 fight with Jim Miller,”

This test surely mars a great performance but one has to point out that marijuana being used as a performance enhancing supplement is more of an opinion and was seemingly done well prior to his fight. This offense though punishable, seems to carry less sting than if he were caught using either unregulated testosterone or some type of steroid. Still, the punishment fits a ‘crime’ that is clearly stated as prohibited:

“I was fully aware of the UFC and State Commission’s drug policies and made poor life choices. I stand behind the UFC and the State Commission’s disciplinary actions. I support efforts to make MMA and sports a clean, safe and fair place to compete.”

Healy now faces a 90-day suspension for the failed test.

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0 Responses to “Pat Healy Loses $130K in Bonuses After Failed Drug Test”

  1. YoMama says:

    What a joke. Why is marijuana even and issue, when all these so called champions are using steroids and other real PEDs. Joke.

  2. Kender says:

    If I get tested for marijuana at my job then I’m fired. No questions asked. Its up to me if I want to keep my job or not.
    They know the rules going in and if they cant follow them or if marijuana is more important to them than maybe they need to go somewhere else where it’s allowed.
    That’s just my opinion, doubt if it’s a popular one.

    • Yup says:

      Yeah, I agree with you 100%. They know the rules leading up to the fight, and it doesn’t matter at all if you agree with the rules or not, you have to follow them. If you don’t agree with them you have to work to get them changed, not be pissed when they fine you for breaking them.

    • 757 says:

      Absolutely correct Kender

  3. chris says:

    love to hear what joe rogan thinks about this bs

  4. Sean says:

    I am so gay for UFC fighters

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    ooooohhh, fackin’ ouch. smoked some weed and lost $130 G’s…hope it was a good blunt at least.

  6. 757 says:

    I feel bad that he got slammed. He is a tough dude and good fighter but he put that stupid smoking weed shit at the top of his priority instead of the fighting by taking a dumb chance. It cost him allot of money but he knew as every fighter does going in that it is banned. He took responsibility and that was good. All these smokers on this site have to quit crying about the legality of weed and realize that if you want to work in the company then you have to follow the rules. If not that’s fine call up Matt Riddle and go work for him. Oh yeah that’s right …he is out of a job too.

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