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Thursday, 02/20/2014, 08:42 am

Pat Cummins The Code-Breaker: ‘I Don’t Know What The Wrestling Code Is’

Patrick Cummins broke the wrestling code. At least, that’s what Daniel Cormier keeps telling him.
It seems that – according to Cormier – wrestlers have an unspoken code of conduct, which apparently revolves around not telling people when wrestlers cry.
Seems legit. Cummins, however, is having none of it.
I don’t know what the wrestling code is,” Cummins said during the Mandalay Bay UFC 170 open workouts, this past Wednesday. “[Cormier] seems to have all these ideas I don’t know anything about.
The wrestling community hasn’t had a big outcry on the wrestling code thing,” he continued. “I think it was him backpedaling a little bit. I don’t know what to say, dude.”
And while Cummins (who just days ago was working as a barista in a coffee shop) understands that having 9 days to train for his UFC 170 showdown with Cormier this weekend might be seen as a disadvantage, the NCAA wrestling All-American sees it as the perfect amount of time.
Overthinking a situation is a big deal, especially in this game,” Cummins said. “You have what, 8-12 weeks to think about your opponent and overanalyze everything? Nine days is perfect.”
Cummins also believes that Cormier coming down a weight class will play a huge factor in the progression of this fight.
We’ve been training hard, we’ve been putting ourselves in scenarios,” Cummins said. “If I get in situations where I lose my breath here and there, I’m still better off than Daniel, coming down from so much weight, and you know, his history of being a guy who likes to take a break here and there.”
I know what it’s like to go from heavyweight down to 205,” said Cummins, a former heavyweight. “You don’t have that horsepower behind you. You kind of have to be a little slicker with what you’re doing, you have to really employ that technique. It’s going to be a shock to his system. He’s not going to be as fast anymore and he’s not going to have as much behind what he’s doing. That’s more.”
Saturday should be an interesting night. 
By Jim Chadwick | Twitter

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7 Responses to “Pat Cummins The Code-Breaker: ‘I Don’t Know What The Wrestling Code Is’”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Well either DC is gonna come in and wreck this kid, like he should, or this crying thing has mucked up his head a little. Maybe brought back some buried emotions. Gonna be interesting to see how this pans out.

  2. Someguy says:

    The more he talks the more i think DC is just going to roll this cunt

  3. hDubYa says:

    what a joke this is man….feels an awful like a rip off card…rousey and dc should, can, and will demolish these ‘challengers’….what a co main & main zuffa :)

  4. Harley Procell says:

    I have seen him tell three different versions of “the coffee shop story” I don’t think it is a stretch that he left out the fact that he was one of three guys rotating in on DC and that DC had just recently lost his daughter! I hope DC smashes this kid!

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