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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 08:18 am

Pat Barry Says With Or Without The UFC's Helo He's Fighting This Year | UFC NEWS

“I told Joe Silva already. I already sent him a message saying ‘I’m cleared by the doctor. I can start training again.’ He was like ‘Alright, great when will you be ready?’ I was like ‘this morning’. By the end of this year, I’m going to punch somebody in the face, whether it’s in the UFC or in Walgreens.”

The hard hitting and always funny, Pat Barry recently told The MMA Fight Corner that he is looking to get into one more scrap before the conclusion of 2012. HE last saw action against the brutally gifted Lavar Johnson and during his defeat suffered a broken thumb that has kept him sidelined.


9 Responses to “Pat Barry Says With Or Without The UFC's Helo He's Fighting This Year | UFC NEWS”

  1. ASDF says:

    With or without the UFC’s helo…. helo… he.. lo.. hello? With or without the UFC’s HELLO! I got it! Man that was tough. Thank goodness these writers learned the hooked on phonics system. AND, kindly used the one-click button spelling check! Woohoo! They sure seem like the type of responsible individuals to REMEMBER to TAKE the time to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

  2. Kong says:

    Asdf thought he was smart. Lmao

  3. chuck says:

    lol, obviously a typo you goons. They meant UFC’s help****!

    Pat always is a draw, regardless of his ranking in the HW division. As long as hes not getting knocked out 3 fights in a row, i say keep him around.

  4. GSPfan says:

    I think Pat Barry should fight Dave Herman. Loser leaves town

    • Texas says:

      I think Barry just needs to leave town. He’s an idiot. Glass Joe. He sucks. He was submitted by Cro Cop for heavens sake. Go fight at walgreens, you may win a fight.

  5. DMAC says:

    Translation: Joe, I’m out of shape and need a pay check.

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