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Thursday, 04/10/2014, 08:18 am


Palhares to Jon Fitch: ‘This WSOF belt won’t leave me soon’

“I know that I’ll be ready. I can’t talk for nobody. He can say whatever he wants, what he thinks, what he feels. I know that I’m here working to hold that belt with me for a long time. If he wants to take it from me, I guarantee that it won’t be easy, he will have to fight. This belt won’t leave so soon from here.”

Rousimar Palhares and Jon Fitch, two former UFC welterweights, have a date to square off for the WSOF title currently held by the Brazilian.

In a recent interview with, Palhares stated that Fitch won’t be taking his title anytime soon.

Can Fitch pull it off?


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