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Johny Hendricks is one of the nicest guys in the UFC. He never shrugs off…

6.26.12@12:59 PM
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It seems like everyone wants to get on Mark Muñoz’s calendar these days. I found…

6.13.12@1:06 PM
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Jacob Volkmann discussed the snapping of his 5-fight win streak last weekend at UFC 146 with…

5.31.12@8:14 PM
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Johny Hendricks (7-1 UFC) has gone from good to great in just one fight. The…

4.17.12@4:36 PM
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It’s been a long road for “The Ultimate Fighter” winner, Efrain Escudero. The past 14…

12.29.12@2:54 PM
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We are almost two weeks removed now from UFC 137 and have covered the pre…

11.12.12@9:11 PM
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Reagan Penn will take the next step in his MMA career tomorrow night, as he…

11.4.12@5:03 PM
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Presented By “The Fight Nerd”: This Sunday marks the ten-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks…

9.8.12@8:50 AM
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