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The UFC is heading out to their home turf of Las Vegas once again this…

10.23.12@1:07 PM
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“If Lorenzo (Fertitta) came to me and said, ‘What you did we can look past…

10.7.12@7:58 AM
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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is riding a five-year, nine-fight winning streak that has seen…

9.2.12@8:54 AM
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“This has been the most stacked division out of all of them. You’ve got to…

11.6.12@12:45 PM
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UFC fighters answered questions from Zoo Today about topics ranging from Floyd Mayweather and T.I.,…

6.10.12@9:00 AM
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UFC on FOX 9 took place this past Saturday from Sacrament’s Sleep Train Arena. The…

12.16.12@9:07 AM
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With the recent news that Manny Gamburyan was not going to compete at UFC 157…

2.12.12@11:54 AM
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UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson has taken the UFC lightweight division by storm since the…

10.29.12@10:07 AM
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A bantamweight bout between Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Wineland is being discussed for the UFC’s…

11.21.12@3:19 PM
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