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Last night the MMA world was on fire with the possibility of a Nick Diaz vs. Carlos…

2.8.12@11:55 AM
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  [box_light] “Sources close to the deal just now confirmed with The Underground that Carlos…

2.7.12@8:37 PM
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Carlos Condit earned the right to face Georges St-Pierre in a title unification bout after…

2.7.12@7:30 AM
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“No I don’t obviously [think Condit won], he clearly won that fight. I’ve been there…

2.6.12@12:02 PM
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“I’m not gonna accept that fact that this was a loss. I’ve lost fights before…

2.4.12@10:17 PM
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“A lot of guys are over looking me; a lot of guys are underestimating me….

2.4.12@10:36 AM
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Click here for the latest UFC 143 coverage provided by BJPENN.COM Nick Diaz Fan Page

2.3.12@9:39 AM
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“Another change of opponents. It’s been kind of a crazy ride the last couple months…

12.8.12@7:00 AM
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“If you haven’t heard Carlos Condit has agreed to step aside and to let GSP…

10.29.12@11:27 PM
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“I am greatly disappointed, for both myself and UFC fans, that I will no longer…

10.18.12@7:40 PM
Full Story » “I want this. I’ve been training for this my entire life. Every wrestling match,…

10.15.12@11:45 AM
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“I’m always looking for the finish. Georges is very good at winning rounds, at dictating…

10.14.12@7:00 AM
Full Story » “I’m going to have to deal with a guy who has knockout power, very…

10.13.12@6:25 AM
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“I’ve always been a big fan of Georges, I’ve admired his style and kinda of…

9.28.12@12:34 PM
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“He’s human. He’s an incredible fighter and I know some of the best fighters in…

9.13.12@2:06 PM
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“Nah, this title shot has been what I’ve wanted since I started fighting and I…

9.9.12@3:46 PM
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Rising MMA stars Ben “Smooth” Henderson and “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit have agreed…

9.1.12@9:09 AM
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“At this point, [a rematch] is not something we’re looking to do. We’re looking for…

2.6.12@12:50 PM
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