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We all know that fighters cut weight in order to make their required weight limit…

3.2.12@9:52 AM
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“I’m definitely a new person with a new mentality. I learn a lot throughout this…

11.9.12@8:00 AM
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According to reports UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Luiz Cane has sought the tutelage of famed nutritionist…

9.29.12@11:13 AM
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This story is an April Fools Joke. For several months now it seemed as though…

4.1.12@9:00 AM
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The long-awaited bout for the vacant UFC Welterweight Championship was in danger of being canceled…

3.15.12@10:58 AM
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  A great story of Strikeforce import Pat Healy beating perennial UFC top-contender Jim Miller…

5.28.12@9:39 AM
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There seems to always be controversial news that leaks out of fight camps following huge…

3.19.12@9:18 PM
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