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  So with the first episode of Just Scrap Radio finally out we all got…

4.18.12@1:24 PM
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“With his age it’s best to wait for a title shot. He got that chance,…

3.24.12@8:09 AM
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“I’ve been upset with the UFC and the opponents they’ve been giving me. I think…

3.13.12@8:38 AM
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[box_light]”I was under the impression that [Dana White] was still kinda on the fence on…

1.12.12@9:31 AM
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“I think I’m a tough fight for anybody. If you’re in a fight with me,…

12.6.12@9:44 AM
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“Judging on my numbers in the weight room, judging on my numbers in the cardio…

12.5.12@3:59 PM
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