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Metamoris boss, Ralek Gracie, has been a busy man as of late. After all, bringing…

3.31.12@8:53 PM
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Royce Gracie believes Royler Gracie dominated Eddie Bravo in the Metamoris 3 main event last…

3.31.12@8:36 PM
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  Royce Gracie is ready to throw down with Eddie Bravo. Moments after Bravo and…

3.31.12@1:32 PM
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BJJ promotion Metamoris put on their third event this past Saturday, which was headlined by…

3.30.12@3:15 PM
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For the hardcore Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fan, watching Metamoris 3: Gracie vs Bravo is a no-brainer….

3.29.12@12:36 PM
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In the greatest of all fantasy worlds, anyone can become of Gracie Jiu Jitsu black…

3.20.12@7:57 AM
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It doesn’t come as a big surprise that Chael Sonnen isn’t the most popular personality…

3.11.12@10:02 AM
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Even after acknowledging its fading fanbase, boxing will go down as one of the most…

2.21.12@3:03 PM
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The UFC is sort of like teen-heart throb Justin Beiber. Some people (13-year-old girls) love…

1.21.12@12:47 PM
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The 44th greatest? Out of 50? He should be higher up the list, but at…

1.10.12@9:01 AM
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UFC officials announced UFC Fight Pass, a new digital subscription service, today during a pre-fight…

12.28.12@5:00 PM
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Without Ronda Rousey, it is likely we wouldn’t be seeing the exciting and skillful women’s…

12.19.12@8:50 AM
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By Evan Stoumbelis Recently I was fortunate enough to interview top welterweight contender Matt “The…

12.5.12@8:32 AM
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At the UFC 167 workout video, Georges St. Pierre and Royce Gracie participate Wednesday afternoon…

11.15.12@8:35 AM
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Royce Gracie talks about the 20th anniversary of UFC 1, rolling with Georges St-Pierre at…

11.15.12@7:36 AM
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Royce Gracie, UFC 1 champion and Brazilian jujitsu legend, recently gave his thoughts on the…

11.14.12@8:58 AM
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There have been some memorable things said in the UFC and some of them stick…

11.13.12@4:41 PM
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Long-time UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (left) will face Johny Hendricks (right) this Saturday at…

11.13.12@11:07 AM
Full Story »’s Late Night Cage Side Radio got the opportunity to talk a little bit with…

11.7.12@10:25 AM
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“In order to make a negative comment about the Gracie family, you have to help…

11.5.12@7:01 AM
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