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“I’m going in the same way I went in on Evan Dunham, who was a…

10.7.12@8:22 AM
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It’s all about UFC 136 on “The Ultimate Show” this week, as host Kenda Perez…

10.6.12@10:10 AM
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“If I catch him in a submission, it’s gonna be crazy; if he knocks me…

10.5.12@12:34 PM
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“I look at it like this man, two champions from two different organizations I think…

10.5.12@11:25 AM
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The Weigh-ins ceremony for this weekend’s UFC 136 event are set to take place this…

10.4.12@12:45 PM
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“I like Melvin and I like how he’s training hard. I always thought he was…

10.4.12@12:25 PM
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The typical one-hour pre-fight hype show, for all UFC pay-per-view events, kicks off tonight on…

10.3.12@9:16 AM
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“I know a lot of people look at it like, ‘How are you at Jackson’s…

10.3.12@8:48 AM
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The injury bug has taken out Dave “Pee Wee” Herman and forced him out of…

9.28.12@12:06 PM
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