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Thursday, 09/29/2011, 02:26 am

Pacquiao “Orange Potion” Revealed

By Keith Terceira

The buzz around boxing for years was that Manny Pacquiao was receiving a secret and supposedly illegal potion from strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. People in the industry that had something to gain by putting out rumors that it was a concoction that had a steroidal ingredient that suddenly made Manny Pacquiao the mega star he is today would be saddened today to view video done by MP8 at the Baguio training camp.

The mixture is so secret that Manny put it out in plain view for the world and his critics to see, and even the packaging is visible to Pacquiao detractors. All the smack talking, hatred laced rumormongering in the world can’t neglect the fact that it’s in living color, on digital format, and in several flavors.



14 Responses to “Pacquiao “Orange Potion” Revealed”

  1. Chris says:

    Okay I don’t think Pacquiao is doing steroids. But if he was, do you really think he would tell everyone? Pretty surprising the author never acknowledges Pac could be lying.

    • J says:

      I agree. I’m a pacman fan, but this proves nothing. He needs to just take the test and fight the fight. Can losing three days of training really be that bad? If so, start camp three days early…

      • Steve says:

        Manny has agreed to the testing but everytime he does Floyd makes another demand. First Manny agreed to the same window Sugar Shane agreed to when he fought Floyd. That wasn’t good enough, now Manny has agreed to testing whenever but now Floyd wants Manny to train away from home in the US because the doesn’t want the Filipino authorities handling the samples. Floyd needs to stop ducking Manny and take the fight. Manny has never been suspected of using roids nor has he EVER shown any indications of doing so. Floyd is acting like Manny’s tested positive in the past when he hasn’t. It’s unfortunate for fight fans because this would be the fight of the century.

  2. Vlad says:

    The dudes deff on some form of PEDs, no doubt in my mind. No one is going to turn down a 20+million dollar payday and a fight with MWJr over a blood test. $20million to have your blood taken and prove your not on HGH or any other PED and the dude says no? its because he’s deff on something. Also for everyone that is on ManPacs nuts soo hard, the dude isn’t THAT good. Floyd is a far superior boxer, anyone with eyes can see that, and FMJr has beaten everyone that Pacs beaten like 3 years before ManPac did it. Mayweather is better and Pacquiao is deff on some sort of PED.

    • Chris says:

      I think Maywether might be better too. Its a shame we probably won’t get to ever see who’s better since Maywether keeps ducking him.

    • guamy says:

      pacman agreed to take an olympic style testing so….

    • Jerome says:

      Umm, where is your logic, if Pac had agreed on the drug testing Floyd would have wanted something else, then something after that. Maybe do you think for one minute that it was the principle of not letting the little idiot make all the terms? Hmmmm…………. I know first hand that it works both ways, had Floyd made some concessions maybe just maybe Pac Man would have as well, but to simply state it was the drug testing that caused the no fight is just stupid, after all the second time Pac Man DID ACCEPT the drug testing but ummmm…. Floyd once again came up with an excuse……. Refer back to after the test he would want something else, then something else….. Any person that has truly followed this crap knows how it works, Floyd wants things he THINKS Pac will not want to STOP the fight before it starts PERIOD!

    • Steve says:

      Bro, it’s not Manny thats ducking. Everytime Manny agrees Floyd makes a new excuse, look it up. Floyd has too much to lose (his perfect record) by taking the fight and thats why he keeps ducking Pacman. I think Floyd is the favorite if they do fight but this is the first time since De La Hoya that Floyd will be fighting someone that can actually beat him. Floyd is bigger than Manny and perhaps just as fast (you can’t compare speed til they square off) so it’s Floyd’s fight to lose. It’s won’t be an upset if Manny wins but Floyd would be a slight favorite IMO.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    In this day and age any and all pro or amatuer athletes that have anything to gain by success are on something. More money an athlete makes the better PED and the least detectable it will be. There is no doubt in my mind manny is on something and I’m sure its state of the art cutting edge sh’it to boot. Alot of people forget manny started his pro career at like 105 pounds so i’m sure he has to do whatever he can to geherate power to fight naturally bigger guys. NOWHERE in sports are there BIGGER ROIDERS than MMA-UFC. without random testing its pretty much wild west when it comes to what the guys are able to take and you know damn well they all have their own testing done. Biggest cheater in all MMA IMO is Sean sherk i mean why do you think he only fights every 2 years or so. Sherk vowed after getting caught for Steroids in CA that he would NEVER get caught again. What happen to sherk was he thought he had it down to a science on how to beat the primitive CHEAP testing being done at 99% of the althletic commissions at the time but he got nailed because CA started using UCLA(cutting edge testing used by the IOC Olympics.)

  4. Joseph says:

    Dude, Pacman has said that he would take any blood testing that Floyd wants and still Floyd is ducking him. Anytime anyone tells Floyd that pacqiao has agreed to olympic style testing, he always re-route the question or act like he can’t hear it and talk about something else. Even boxing experts and sources close to Floyd has said that he is ducking the fight. Remember the Greenburg incident, where one of Mayweather’s close aid said that Pacman had agreed to unlimited blood testing and that there was no more obstacle in making the fight and your beloved Mayweather still declined. Yeah, nice champ yall got there.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Joseph is right. Manny Agreed to everything but Floyd still doesn’t want to fight.

    • Tony says:

      Thanks Joseph. Not many people know about the Greenburg incident, and with Floyd running his mouth about take the test to fight the best crap is all BS, when Manny already agreed to ALL testing and demands by Floyd. It sucks that we’ll never see this fight happen because Floyd is scared to put his immaculate record on the line. Floyd is a better boxer, why not prove it? Floyd fought Mosely who was already been busted for PEDs, so the excuse that he won’t fight anyone who has used PEDs is BS. For a man who calls himself “Money Mayweather” he sure is doing everything in his power to not make the biggest payday of his life.

  5. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Okay my theory on this subject is that neither are ducking one another! I feel as if the boxing industry is purposely dragging on this match-up in order to give boxing any buzz left in the sport! Cause think about it, after they make Pacquioa vs. Mayweather, what other mega fight do you really wanna see in boxing??? After this fight is made, boxing is pretty much dead! Its gotten so bad in boxing that they don’t even show anymore heavy weight bouts in the U.S. anymore! As for MMA, they’re on a constant rise to make interesting match-ups and building legitimate contenders! IMO!

  6. shane says:

    pacman’s secret is balut and tinola

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