Pacquiao “Orange Potion” Revealed

September 29, 2011 2:26 am 14 Comments

By Keith Terceira

The buzz around boxing for years was that Manny Pacquiao was receiving a secret and supposedly illegal potion from strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. People in the industry that had something to gain by putting out rumors that it was a concoction that had a steroidal ingredient that suddenly made Manny Pacquiao the mega star he is today would be saddened today to view video done by MP8 at the Baguio training camp.

The mixture is so secret that Manny put it out in plain view for the world and his critics to see, and even the packaging is visible to Pacquiao detractors. All the smack talking, hatred laced rumormongering in the world can’t neglect the fact that it’s in living color, on digital format, and in several flavors.