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Thursday, 02/28/2013, 10:01 pm

Overeem’s Testosterone Levels Are Dangerously Low | UFC NEWS

Earlier this week, it was reported that Alistair Overeem’s supplemental blood test following UFC 156 brought back results not many expected: his testosterone levels were low.  The tests indicated his testosterone at 179 nanograms per deciliter, a number significantly lower than the normal 400 ng/dL.

As reported, however, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director, Keith Kizer, expected this result.  During Overeem’s nine-month suspension following his failed drug test last spring he sent the NSAC results from blood and urine tests.  The blood tests consistently indicated a testosterone level near 180 ng/dL.  Because of this, Kizer stated, “we would have had a problem if the test came back at 400,” because Overeem had demonstrated his natural testosterone levels are low.

On the positive side, Overeem’s results are seemingly clear indication that he fought and trained without the use of any performance enhancing drugs.  On the negative side, however, these levels are very low, especially for a 260 lb man who fights for a living.  Testosterone levels below 400 ng/dL for an average male could cause a decrease in muscle mass, fatigue and a decrease in red blood cells, all of which obviously reduce a body’s ability to meet the demands of training and fighting.  Given his KO loss to Antonio Silva in the beginning of February, low testosterone could explain Overeem gassing after a great first two rounds.

There are plenty of speculations as to the cause of Overeem’s low testosterone.  Looking past the failed test last spring (which Overeem claimed was an unintentional result of an injection to heal a rib injury), Overeem has transformed dramatically since he fought at middleweight in Pride.  His massive physique and the significant improvement to his professional record has always left fans a little skeptical of PED’s.  If Overeem elects to apply for testosterone replacement therapy, we can expect to see a pretty vocal response from MMA fans.

To date, Overeem has yet to respond to the results.  He posted to Twitter today, “Back at it,” suggesting that he has begun his training camp for his upcoming UFC 160 fight against Junior Dos Santos in May.


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  1. dogfart says:

    I say let him do it,
    Hendo does it
    chael does it
    vitor does it
    everyone who has taken peds in their career and fucked themselves for life does it.
    Reem is no different

    • JEC says:

      I would argue that Hendo and Chael are different cases, cutting weight for that many years as wrestlers, takes a toll on your T production. Vitor and Overeem are more along the lines of guys who used in the past and can’t produce enough natural T now. Still it’s all relative , you take PED’s to get an advantage and you cut weight to gain an advantage !!

    • Nicain says:

      I disagree.

      First I don’t believe in TRT at all, but it’s even more an issue when you destroy your bodies natural ability to create testosterone with PED abuse.

      He made his bed, he needs to deal with it.

      That being said, take TRT away from everyone else on your list too.

  2. Kong says:

    Can’t people just gas out without a reason. He gassed out because he can’t fight three rounds. He got his ass kicked, he was cocky before and during the fight. You mess with your hormones and they will be all over the map. If you do steroids and then suddenly quit for a fight ur body won’t produce testosterone, that’s his problem he never should have done them in the first place. That being said, that was an awesome fight.

    • jasonp61 says:

      Way to contradict yourself entirely…

      “Cant people just gas out without a reason”

      “If you do steroids and then suddenly quit for a fight ur body wont produce testosterone”

      So which one was it? Did he gas for no reason at all? Or was it perhaps the fact it was most likely his first time fighting clean in years which led to the aforementioned medical problems from the article

      “Testosterone levels below 400 ng/dL for an average male could cause a decrease in muscle mass, fatigue and a decrease in red blood cells, all of which obviously reduce a body’s ability to meet the demands of training and fighting”

      Critical thinking is hard I know.

      • jasonp61 says:

        Furthermore, that fight was far from “Awesome”. The ending of it was but up until Silva knocked Overeem silly it was a pretty piss poor lay and pray attempt from Overeem. His standup lacked power (wonder why) and he just looked content to ride it out until the bell for the decision.

        Karmas a bitch overeem.

  3. Freedom says:

    The man’s too muscle-bound which is why he gassed.
    And it’s true that if you ‘abuse’ steriods for long enough your body will forget how to make it. Reap what you sow – those who abuse should learn to live with the side effects, without replacement therapy.

  4. BT says:

    It seems many high level wreslters have issues with Low T. Is this a result from decades of weight manipulation?

    Reem’s gassing, and his low T, are most likely the result of several factors, not just one.

    Also, TRT is not steroids, there many types of steroids, not all of them turn you into a hulking brute. Is a lil self-education too much to ask for? Oh, this is the internet, no consequences for ignorance, got it.

  5. Jujitsu Player says:

    That’s what happens when you stop taking steroids, your t-levels fall off a cliff…He’ll cycle in some hCG and it’ll be all good by the time he fights JDS…

  6. Jasonp61 says:

    Don’t be tripping on the reem. He’s a big strong beefy beefcake. I doubt he even does steroids or anything. This type of physique can be achieved naturally.

    • jonnyQ says:

      Haha tripping on the reem? hahahah why don’t you go suck his D. His body was totally unnatural. Abusing steroids has the same consequences its had for many years. Your body stops producing T naturally. He’s screwed either way.. even if he gets trt it will only bring him up to normal test levels. His body is so used to being on super high test levels, normal levels wont be enough for him. He probably lost his ability to have children also, sucks for him

  7. Al says:

    Anyone who knows steroids knows its from testicular atrophy after a steroid cycle.

  8. Inyoface says:

    Low testosterone now? They need to cut him, he abused steroids so much he’s getting withdrawals.

  9. G star says:

    Dana white Is starting to annoy a lot of people who do u think u r king I agree showtime is no 1 contender at 145 or 155 Gary Maynard 155 does all forget about showtime entered the UFC he was not good at all 2 defeats back 2 back he’s goin get done what Dana coz he txt u fuckin joke use to like u b careful fans are no 1 penn Aldo goin run through showtime and take that belt

  10. joe hogan says:

    he has to go back to puberty again.. did anyone watch king of the hill when hank was on testosterone? lol

  11. Mike says:

    He’s abused PEDs over the course of his career and now he’s paying for it. A lot of abusers end up with hypogonadism. TRT is the miracle cure for them.

  12. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Cheats for years and it creates a deficiency in his system…

    Allows legal ability to cheat…

    Seems legit.

    Seriously it was no shock when he got caught, we all knew it was coming; TRT in general IS cheating, it is the truth, you are still enhancing your performance with drugs, it’s still PEDs it’s just fancy and considered legal.

    Ban the TRT or make PEDs legal, that’s the crossroads you’re really at, because eventually every single fighter WILL be on this therapy, and then it’ll be no different than allowing PEDs (within reason).

    I say no no no.

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