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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 06:32 am

Overeem’s Manager: He Has A Good Excuse For Failed Drug Test

By Edward Fernandez:
Kenny Rice with HDNet’s Inside MMA has revealed that Overeem’s manager is convinced he has a good excuse for his March 27 failed drug test and will still be eligible to fight for the UFC heavyweight title.

Rice stated:

“I spoke with Glenn Robinson, manager of Overeem and he says he is very respectful and is hopeful that he will be granted his license and the entire team is very confident that he will be facing Junior dos Santos come May 26th.”

“Now Robinson wanted to make it very clear that despite other reports, Overeem did not test high for testosterone, but rather his testosterone to epitestosterone was off and he has a reasonable explanation to why that is, which he will present to the commission next Tuesday.”

In regards to Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer:

“Kizer confirmed several things. Overeem has applied for a license to fight in the state and he will have the opportunity to present his case to the commission on why he should be granted that license, despite failing his pre-fight drug test. Now, some have speculated that he may use the defense of testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, as a defense as we’ve seen several fighters do before. Speaking with Kizer, he has said Overeem has not applied for TRT exemption, but that does not mean he can’t. He has time to do that. As long as he gives the commission’s doctors time to deal with the situation.”


65 Responses to “Overeem’s Manager: He Has A Good Excuse For Failed Drug Test”

  1. Team buffalo says:

    In other words, overoid can get around the rules no problem. He’s been doing it for years.

  2. Alistair overeem says:

    Well see what happened was I took some roids and I failed the test.

  3. Tapout A Warrior says:

    Yeah, “He did not realize he would be tested”-OverRoids Manager

  4. banks says:

    They should jus make an openwight steroid division where juice monkeys can jus fuck eatherother up. id watch

  5. T.DADDY says:

    its gonna be crazy if this guy is still able to fight….

  6. Hitman says:

    I try to give a brotha the benefit of the doubt but, damn after a 14 to 1 ratio, I just can’t do it. How do you explain that shit?

    • Xaninho says:

      Same way Chael Sonnen explained it.

      • Michael w says:

        And explained it still with a one year suspension. Same should happen to Overroid

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        • Xaninho says:

          It was brought back to 6 months for some shady reason.

      • Carlos says:

        Ph/ I mean Chael got away with it cuz he only has one nut I’m pretty sure overroids has two so he better have a damn good excuse

  7. A.James says:

    If he fights and wins the UFC will have a negative rep. Fire him Dana!

  8. runner32 says:

    If goes the TRT my head will explode. Look at the man… Low T? HOLY SHIT!! If thats what Low T looks like I must suffer from NO T!!

  9. danielrchargers says:

    watch out for rory, that pimple back bitch is next to get caught up for “tee arrrr tee”. bunch of bull with steroid crap.. alas it aint going no’ where.

  10. jord says:

    everyone needs to stop bitching! if they allow every other fighter to use a trt then get off reems back! besides trt doesn’t give you a stronger chin!

  11. HaVaginaButts says:

    There’s no excuse for 14:1. None… TRT is supposed to get you back to normal range. Normal is 1:1. If you’re way under… you might get dosed to 4:1 with it tapering down. He cheated just like Chael Sonnen cheated. I have no problems with TRT for people with real hormonal problems (likely caused by past steroid use), but 14:1 puts you at a huge competitive advantage.

  12. dan white says:

    Stop all the hatin, fags. His excuse sounds legit. He worked hard to get to where he is, oughta be allowed to fight

  13. Josh says:

    The fight is going to happen. I already knew talking to mma journalist with inside info. They have been saying this for a few days. Let’s just say somebody is getting a pay day from Lorenzo.

  14. snooks says:

    There has to be a logical explanation for having 4 times the testosterone as the average exceptional super athlete. What a dumbass. Did he think he could get away with this shit, being so closely monitored? What was going through his head? I conclude that he just loves drama and court hearings…

  15. Ruben says:

    Let me guess the excuse will be that he has a medical condition that requires him to take testosterone shots….yawn…..i have heard that it is rare for people to have low testosterone, i guess the disorder only happens to UFC fighters

  16. D.R. says:

    I can guess almost exactly what his excuse will be, provided he doesn’t go down the TRT route.

    For those who don’t know what the T/E ratio is, it is the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. When guys inject synthetic testosterone (steroids, etc) it increases their testosterone levels, but the synthetic testosterone will have no effect on the epitestosterone, which should stay constant. Normal males have 1:1, which is how the commission does the drug test evaluations.

    However, since this whole thing is based on whatever your baseline epi levels are, Overeem is going to claim that he has severely lower epi levels, which is what made his T/E ratio look so big. He is probably going to claim he has .4 of a normal man’s epi levels, which made is T/E ratio 14:1, but in actuality it would be closer to 5:1.

    That seems the most likely to me, and whether anyone buys it is still to be seen.

  17. Ruben Lozada says:

    He hasn’t fight yet so what’s the deal anyways? If he walks in the octagon with normal levels I don’t see whats the deal anyways? Chael fought Silva with a 16:1level Reem hasnt fought yet so if he gets the license and gets back to his levels I dont see the problem?

    • KTalbot says:

      Here is what I see as The Problem. These guys are cheating, plain and simple. I don’t care that any fighters levels are “back to normal” or a Modified Normal at the time of the fight, the fact is they were NOT Normal during the months leading up to their fight. This gives them an unfair advantage in their training and recovery. Out of Competiton testing IS the only real way to monitor and stop the abuse of drugs that can have serious after career consequences. Overeem bragged “They can test me all they want. I’ll be in the states soon and I will prove everyone wrong.”
      And yet here we are With him FAILING a test I’ve believed that he’s been juicing for years and no one can convince me otherwise his physical changes during his career can’t be believed by anyone who looks at his pictures. I’m pissed that All of these guys are getting away with cheating but I guess I’m in the minority, so be it.

      • spiritsplice says:

        Or people could stop crying since nearly all of them do something illegal and realize it doesn’t matter. To be the best, you do what is needed. If some people aren’t willing to go all the way, they may not be the best. The better answer here is stop the steroid witch hunt, make it legal and allow the fighters to better monitor their health in the open rather than being ragged by pussies who don’t train or don’t have what it takes to make it, endlessly moralizing about *how* those who risk their lives and health should train and live.

    • Joe Bidden says:


      The problem is he’s roiding. He’s getting stronger, faster, he’s able to train more, he’s able to put in more hours and he’s able to put in more training. Roids aren’t just for fight night. They help you recover faster during training.

      It doesn’t matter two shits if he’s clean come fight night if he’s been roiding for 3 months prior. It gives an unfair advantage to him because he’s able to get more gym time in.

      Roids don’t make you stronger. They allow you to recover faster and ALLOW you to get stronger. It’s not just about fight night.

  18. jake says:

    Maybe he’s going to say he has unusually low epitestosterone for some reason so his testosterone ratio is 14:1 but that’s not a high testosterone level, merely a low epi level

    Just a thought

  19. Dick Diaz says:

    lol i’m sure he has a good excuse too… not. but he better do…

  20. John_S_ Adams says:

    This shit is starting to become a fucking joke.

  21. The UFC writes the contract, the fighters sign them, why not introduce mandatory testing every week once s fight is set up, that would give fans the faith in the product and fighters would have no excuse and if they ‘failed’ a test they would be in breach of contract

  22. bob says:

    I think all the fighters should be allowed to get as big and strong as they can. I mean that’s what I pay to see.

  23. Chael Sonnen says:

    I was 16:1 and I still lost.. Uncle Dana was ok with it!

  24. Not ped testing but ped giving says:

    I want to see all fighters being injected with ped’s at th weigh ins that way we can all look forward to fair and über violent fights every time.

  25. I am not opposed to TRT. But, here is the thing…using TRT appropriately will not cause a man to have a T/E level of 14.1:1. Those are steroid numbers. However, using TRT inappropriately can lead to these insanely high ratios (Sonnen, Reem, Marquardt). Fact is, low T can be caused by repeated blows to the head, which over time damage the pituitary gland, resulting in a condition known as hypogonadism. One of the effects of this disorder is a low T/E ratio. All that being said, a 14.1:1 T/E ratio is purely unnaceptable.

  26. Beaner says:

    They wont be able to suspend him because he is not licensed there. The only way they can do that is of there is a certain rule in the commission that many dont know about.

  27. Weeb says:

    The reason it still matters even if he gets his levels down by fight time is… look at him compared to dos Santos. Yeah, he may have put in more work at the gym but no THAT much more. He used things to get himself to a level of strength thats far superior to his opponent and just cuz his levels go back down, the strength that he obtained while his levels were elevated doesn’t completely go away.

  28. Hightower says:

    Im sure he has a good excuse. He has had weeks to think about what his excuse will be.

  29. Listen up, slapnuts! says:

    Since it was OUTSIDE of a license, AND outside of the timeframe for the fight, WTF difference does it make? By the time he gets in the cage, ANY effects should’ve worn off by then. Also, steroids does NOT give you Superman’s chin, so as Mark Hunt put it, “A good punch in the mouth or kick to the head is still going to put you to sleep.” I don’t care if the use it during their off time, as long as the piss clean when the go for the license, BEFORE they get into the ring, and IMMEDIATELY AFTER the step out of the cage, then it is A-OK with me. Doctors prescribe steroids, or steroid based medications, for injuries all the time. I don’t give a $h!t if Overeem gets KTFO or if JDS does. As long as I see two of the top heavyweights try to mangle each other, then I’ll enjoy the fight. If EITHER of them test dirty after, then we can bring the rafters down onto the Octagon. Until then, p!$$ off!

  30. AV981 says:

    Cheats are for scrubs. Plain and simple. Roids give an advantage in training and make you faster and stronger, also make you recover faster. That is an advantage over somebody clean. Cheats are for scrubs.

  31. Joe rogan says:

    I like to smoke weed.

  32. James Delyani says:

    look up picures of overeem at 205.. u be the judge

  33. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    This man should run for office. Has half of the world believing one thing, while he does another and laughs at all of us for riding along. I believe everyone knows that he has been a cheat for some time. Remember when he came in and said, “test me as much as you want and I’ll pass them too”. I love the sport of MMA, but I can’t stand the UFC and all of the douchebag’s associated with it. Where is the real warrior at in Hilo? I hope that Mr. PENN is enjoying his ohana and retirement. We all knew Mr. Lesnar cheated at one time or another in his life to get that big. I remember seeing Overeem back in the days raising the thor hammer as he walked in. Looked like a Jon Jones type of kat. Now he’s as big as all of hell. I guess when you lose a couple times and have no dignity and honor, your only option is to be sellout to get to the top because that is his only option. When I say sellout…he did what he felt he needed to do, in order to get to the top. Obviously he didn’t have the natural talent to get there in the first place. I’m not hating on UFC or the fighters, but damn I’m tired of hearing the bullshit stories that these people cheaters come up with. But then I guess again, everyone in jail is inoocent too. Overeem PLEASE!!! WAR PENN WAR…one love from the city of “NO” in central cali.

  34. Marlon Licup says:

    I just want to see what happens next week! What will be the verdict! All I gotta say is natural talent, conditiong, and strength always dominates! Cheaters never win!!

    Hawaii Personal Trainer

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