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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 12:18 pm

Overeem's Crazy For Making His UFC Debut Says Lesnar Coach

“I think it’ll be good for Brock. Overeem is a guy who has heavy hands, he’ll try to keep the fight up, but when he goes to the ground he has a good foundation. It’ll be an exciting fight, between two big guys, what brings much appeal to the fans. Overeem must be crazy to debut in UFC, because he lost the opportunity to fight in Strikeforce’s GP, but he still is the champion of the event. Brock will be tested once again with a great opponent, who’s the current holder of the belt of one of the biggest organizations in the world. If you stop to look at it, Brock, besides Heath Herring and the Korean (Min Soo Kim), has only fought champion, former champions and Velasquez, who became a champion after defeating him.”

In an interview with Brazilian media outlet,, Brock Lesnar’s Jiu Jitsu trainer, Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, weighs in on his students recently announced bout with Alistair Overeem.


14 Responses to “Overeem's Crazy For Making His UFC Debut Says Lesnar Coach”

  1. Joe says:

    :X brock has a JJ coach?!?!
    lol who knew

    i think brock might have this

  2. Koi paningsoro says:

    Overeem is better all around. Better believe the hype on him. More subs the knock outs. Better striking then cain. Stronger then cain. Maybe a lil less if not the same as brock. Amazing takedown defense. Overeem is no joke.

  3. Will says:

    HAHA… I can’t wait for this fight… As long as Overeem can keep Brock from taking him down with his first bull rush, Overeem finishes this in the first round via KO

  4. Trevor says:

    Brock can’t take a punch whatsoever… Overeem has the advantage

  5. pete selleck says:

    i think Brock has a GREAT chance! Overeem doesn’t have the speed nor does he throw the volume of strikes Cain does. I see Brock taking this fight to the ground and making Overeem tap. Lesnar’s wrestling+his new BJJ+strength=monster??

  6. MMA Outbreak says:

    I pretty much wet myself when I heard this fight was official. I hope Lesnar is ready for some excellent striking and I hope The Reem is ready for some serious GNP!

  7. joe says:

    Dude did you see how well he took Shane Carwins punches?And weathered the storm for what A SUBMISSION WIN!I dont really care for either but I think Overreem is gonna have a RUDE initiation to UFC!

  8. MARCUS says:

    i think it will be a good fight…i was disappointed to see lesnar get beat by cain even though i like them both…but i cant wait to see how he stands to overeem….it should be a hell of a fight

  9. Bert says:

    Lesnar is a monster, but he can still be dismantled in a technical battle.. which Overroid could potentially do..

    Let’s just hope he keeps his cycle up so he passes the test and we can actually watch this.

  10. effyocouch says:

    The fact that he has Rodrigo Medeiros as his BJJ coach is solid enough, he’ll definitely get a solid submission game from him.

  11. Brandon says:

    I lol’ed at the “Korean” part.

  12. realtak says:

    Overeem is gone to smash Brock easy trust me

  13. shoe says:

    funny people call overeem “overroid” as if lesnar never cycled

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